Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bitter Pill

Few days back a long lost IRC friend somehow got hold of my Friendster and contacted me. I was exposed~~

We used to chat around the time when I was in Form 5. Then I became an addicts. I meant addicted to Internet. Nowadays? Not so much now since I have to put myself as Away in almost all my Instant Messenger programs since I am too lazy to reply to some messages or I just plain do not like the user.

We got to talking and I was surprised to find out that how many chatters that I still keep in contact with from my Form 5 days~ Since back in those days we love to pair each others off and almost everyone is with someone we know. I should say was. But some of them still stay together after all these fickle years.

He was asking me questions regarding the lovelike state of my life now, I guess some of my remark put him to this question:

"You had been dissapointed in love?"

And hey... I did not make apparent remark like "Men sucks" or "Love is only a chemical reaction trigger by lust".

I just laughed (if you can described this :D as a laugh) and replied.

"You are asking a question which everybody would reply "Yes" to ."

It is just a known fact that it do not required any explanations. Any type of love from all kinds of peoples of all different walks of life , we will learn this lesson.

'Tis a bitter pill for everyone to swallow.

It makes me wanna compose 5 tragic (or somewhat tragic love stories). Let me see if I have the time and energy to do it. Try to guess which is true.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahh, i guess i was a bit too quick to judge on my previous comment. You're still your old self. But wait, i can sense a budding wisdom.
Maybe all those duit raya give-aways have matured you a bit.

Dila said...

eeeekk... I'm bleak and depressing?

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