Friday, November 11, 2005

No. 1

Okay. I won't promise if this will be an essay or not. I am pretty damn depressed. And typing this load of shit is guarantee to make me a whole lot sadder, more depressed and increase hallucination on suicidal thoughts. I am armed with a whole lot of really depressing shits from our great musician. I hence come armed, baby.

The King And I
No. Its not about stupid Anna and the Thai King. I meant come one, that is one lousy woman who do not know a thing about culture, busying' herself poking into somebody else business I guess. Probably was too bored teaching lazy ass royalties. Ok Ok.. I compose.

Everyday to get back to the castle up on the hill, he (his driver to be more exact) had to drive along the rows and rows of houses that is built on a grand scale. Perhaps to match the great castle in the backgroud?

"Commoners," he thought. He barely look outside from the car windows. The same scenery , same houses everyday.

He caught a glimpse. She was walking toward a house. Not the grand houses. A small picturesque little house.

Everyday for a month. He makes a point to look at that particular house. Sometimes he saw her. Sometimes he went home disappointed. What he sees so far, he like.

This went on. Day by day, the desire to see her come stronger and stronger. His mind is made up. He called his trusted assistants into his confidence. They know him well enough not to be surprise. They nodded indicating they understand.

ten next day, the little house received their grand visitors and the surprise of their life. The assistants make the wishes of their master known. The inhabitants of the house agrees. Some rejoiced.

The girl was called. She listened at first in great disbelief. Then doubts. The women's was calling her the luckiest woman in the country. She looked at the face of the men around her. Grim faces. She could not understand it. The impassive looks of the King's men frightened her even more. Her father take her arm, away in a corner, spoke slowly to her, away from everybody else. She looked into his eyes. His words are speaking something else, his eyes are telling her another. She just smiled weakly and nodded her head.

The other women take her away. Haste is important. The King's request is secrecy and the matters done quickly.

The wedding day came just a few days after the life changing event of the girl. It was a simple ceremony. They were wedded.

Night came when the husband meet her wife. Her heart was pounding fast. She could feel her head whirring. The King look at her in satisfaction. She is beautiful. Looking into her big round eyes, he never would have guessed that she was frightened out of her life. He came closer, she closed her eyes.

When she woke up the next morning, her bed is empty. She let out a sigh of relief. She let her eyes closed for a moment. Emptying her mind. She opened it up slowly. Half dragging her feet, she makes her way to the mirrors table. Never had she more hated the sight of herself than this morning.

Her eyes caught something on the table. A sob threaten to make a way out but she choked it back. Hands trembling she scanned the words on the paper.

A divorce statement.

Everything make sense to her now. She was nothing more than another pawn in a cruel game.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

well, at least they got married. But, maybe it's unethical.. or downright wrong in terms of rules of marriage

Dila said...

Well.. yeah.. Not all is lost I guess

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