Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Week of Mgmt Trainee

Well.. not quite a week just yet. I am still in my baju kurung even though its 11 pm already. I am much too lazy today. Since I had been hard at work giving priority on which car needed to be towed. Yeah.. I didnt say it before. I work in BCB Finance. At first glance it kinda sucks. But.. then I guess I will get used to it.

In the first day, I went from asiajaya to BCB with a taxi. Cost rm5. Damn... but then.. who cares. Dont wanna create a bad first impression. When I got there I ate my first breakfast as a working woman alone~ How sad. I havent even got my things-to-use-or-read when I am alone and bored and eating. Then we went into the HR room where I saw a couple of those from my interview. We greeted hi to each other. Then we follow this akak Lina to another room for us to sigh our contract. It took forever... I think they were just printing the contract as we waited for 3 hrs and more in the room. While we are there, we chatted. The guys in front of me are pretty friendly. One of em reminded me of my brother;shy , unassuming,very polite; so I kinda treated him like my little brother even though he is older than me. I sit with this girl from my interview. She looks kinda sleepy. But she always look sleepy, come to think of it. Herm~ So in this contract, since it is just mgmt trainee thingies we can give 24 hrs notice. So hurray if I want to quit. BUT no annual leave.. like whut? until 6 months we are there. hurmph~ Then we meet with one of the section head who paired us each a boy n gal to each dept. My partner is pretty noisy, kinda like reminded you of those boys you meet when you are in secondary schools.
Since by the time we were given a dept to settle ourselves in , it is already 4pm. So we are not left with nothing much to do but wait till the clock strikes 5.30pm.

Shit, I am much too lazy to finish this. I will continue this again.


iceroll said...

again, jgn lupa gaji pertama. thehehehe

mangifera said...

hello dila. so, that's your first day then. well, good luck for another day. :)
psl hidayah tu (not really sure if that her name), she also temporary worker (6 month) and can continue for permanent after that.
well...mmg byk company yang bagi temporary status...bukan per...nak train je dulu. chance besenya besar lah nak dapat permanent job since susah payah training least costing them something jgk.
ok arr dila...teruskan merajinkan diri. senyum lah sikit dan happykan diri anda. :)

Dila said...

How very dreary life is when you work aint?

No worries.. Let save some money for me to go to Pompeii.. Yeay~

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