Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Season Of Madness for SIngledom

I am just exaggerating the topic. I felt it is madness for me in my single state. Why? Oh Sheeshh... In a day.. I had turned down 2 dates. Not from lousy men that doesnt worth your time. No No.. One of them, is a very very very cute guy. I am still lamenting myself why I did not go out with him. Why dila? You obviously wanted to a few months back. He's cute. He's tall. He's funny. I know I will have a hell of a time with him.. But why? Maybe because of the wrong timing. I meant he asked me right out on the day when I was feeling crappy and wearing crappy clothes. No cute guys will see me at not my best.. No No No.. hahha. Blame the media for making women feeling they have to be at their ultimate superior best. So guys.. if a girl said not... It does not necessarily means "not interested", sometimes it is " ask me again.. pretty please". Such a waste... I am sure he won't ask me again.

And of them, is from a very very sweet guy. Why? I don't know. It just seems so.. well.. I will sure be tongue tied (me?), and it just seems...I don't know. It just seems like something that I wouldnt want to start. And I hope he doesnt mind much. I do like him.. just that.. well its all that is. I just like him.

So? Am I really feeling this? OR am I just just making xcuses to myself.. becoz I still wanna be treated invisible by HIM? Oh.. I hate this... Sometimes I hope we lived in the 19th century where our parents make the choices and we can blame them and society for that mistake.
So I now have work to bury my pretty head in. It is very useful to have a job and workloads that piled a waist high (literally, seriously). You can stop feeling sorry for yourself and not be so vain.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

masochism at its best

mangifera said...

when a guy asking you to date him, then just go on. you're the best at his eyes. but as human, we can't avoid overthink...that sometimes make most of the human being suffer.

by overthink, you feel nothing was right, never right, never will right. sometimes, need to take for granted (ignore) what on your's really suite you in this case. not saying that not doing overthink, but for thing like this...sometimes some dirsturbing thinking in mind should be keep aside.

and if the guy also do overthink, he also think that you already rejected him...once again, over think...well, just need to stop overthink and try again...if fail again, try again...until the target is achieved.

well, take the best approach for life so that at the end of day, we will have less regret than others. gud luck to you....enjoy your work!!

Superman said...

Hye. If that boy, really3 likes you so much, mesti dia ajak lagi..sebab aku akan buat macam tu.. I'll never give up...atleast tu yang aku buat...aku tak tau la orang lain..lain orang lain..Try la bg signal sket kat dia..kalau dia prasan,..mesti dia ajak lagi punya...
Apa yang Dueng kata tu betul..jgn pikir bukan2..just be ur self...
Idon't know if this comment membantu...tapi yang pasti aku terasa bila baca post yang ni...teringat masa masa dulu yang aku pernah lalui. Don't give up ya!!

weh, ingat tak,..aku pernah present kat kelas PCS "how to ask a girl for a date"...wakaka

Dila said...

ah well.. betul jugak.. kalo die maw sgt.. sure he ask again..
And he did not.. so his loss!
(carik plaster to bandage my ego)

pnah ek ? how to ask a girl for a date.. kinda mcm igt. huhuhu..
the most workable pick up line?

iceroll said...

maybe pasal ko tak bg any sign..signal ke kat mamat yg superman ckp tuh.

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