Friday, March 04, 2005


Hehhe.. I felt an outrage because Jesse the Bachelor had chosen Jessica not Tara. Which proves to me.. true love doesnt exist, lust does, good sense is not appreciated, ditsy is the way to go, and reality dating must had sucks. So no matter how desperate I am, I will not do it because .. the reason is too obvious for me to print it out.

I doesnt really mind Tara being pissed because the guy keeps on saying.. come on, come on.. opened up your feeling. When she finally does, the guy goes running away and chose somebody else. Typical guy behavior if you ask me. All they ever sputters off is how they want a challenge and when the challenge finally opens up.. away he goes.

Ok.. pissed off feeling drains away now. I am not at peace with myself and can go have sleepover at my friend. Herm.. I wonder what she'll be cooking..


iceroll said...

Girls dig sporty guys.
Girls dig handy guys.
Girls dig guys with nice car.
Girls dig guys with money.
Girls dig handsome guys.
Girls dig bad guys.

Guys dig.....girls with big breasts.

Dila said...

typical guy behavior~~~

i read at a magz.. some questions that they ask some guys on the street on what size do they prefer?

One guy was being rather specific about it.. if it was my bf.. i would have knock him down with a pan. Imagine if I would tell him I prefer a guy that have certain inches.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

iceroll, i beg to differ.

there guys out there that digs highly intelligent, well read, worldy girls with nice shapely ass.

hmm but what dila says is true tho. a guy comes in different shapes and sizes too. haha .. too bad girls can 't check it out untill its too late.. bwahahahaHAHAHAahahahAHAHAHAahahAHAH

iceroll said...

hahahHAhhahHAHahHAHaha.. u made me LMAO..haha

btw size doesn't matter dear.but too small is no good.heheheHHEHeheheHEhe

mangifera said...

don't get mad. maybe most men do behave like jesse but not all. typical? not really i think. not defending men because i'm a man but human do vary. when you're falling in love with someone, go to hell with the size...(at least i thought like this). i'm not saying that i'm a good man but that what i thought about love. if love is only about sex, then you do not need love (even marriage main purpose is to enabled the sex button).
love is more than just gurl also, money, sport car, good looking is no more a criteria when falling in love with someone. the criteria is before falling in love...when they felt, nothing being as perfect as their partner (even none of the criteria is met by their partner. what a magic feeling...make you ignore something that you consider very bad before...


Dila said...

size doesnt matter? hehe it does to those who think it matters. Or perhaps.. peoples who are lacking in size.. are finding compensation in other sizes.. herm herm... ~

love? I am just concentrating on living now.. or existing.. hermm...

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