Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Let me bored you

Being jobless, leave me alot of times in my hand. I can sleep all day.. but thats get boring every day. I plan to get in touch with my inner musical self again.. but.. it is just a plan.. my musical self is still in hiding. So as most of you who are familiar with me.. I just read. Due to the fast depleting stocks of all my favorite books being read and re-read. I, in turn had turn into boring books. It is boring. I know.. Thats why I tend to bored you since I am bored out of my mind here. I picked up Catcher in The Rye by J.D Salinger. It is a really well publicized and thought as many others as a well written book. Perhaps some of you might had heard it or read it and think it as phenomenal. It is pretty.. well.. extraordinary I might say. It is unlike anything I ever read.
The main issues here is about a cynical adolescent coping with a phony world. And that is all it is. It is descriptive as hell..I read another 2 books in between that book, since the lack of plot..or..destination of the story drives me mad. Perhaps I do not fully appreciate literary works.. or I am just used to commercial kinda books... you know.. the one that sells story about murder, love and sex. But while I was reading this books.. it kinda dawn on me.. on this book describe on what we might be thinking of every single second in a day. I told you it is descriptive. Since I am just a simple girl.. It is kinda bewildering to read one of its review.. since this book actually describes some pyschological distress in making.. herm.. perhaps my grandpapa is right about forbidding me to be a psychiatrist.
Oh well.. I am taking up simple book again.
Oh sod it.. a sad song is playing. Memories all sorts come rushing.. lets click on the publish button and forget it right dila?


iceroll said...

u did it!! u bored me!!

mangifera said...

this entry make me think that you want to tell everybody to appreciate their life. maybe...just my 2 cent opinion. to cope with your bordemness better try something new...thing you never try. thing that u really want to try like learn to drive, cooking and so many thing that you may not have enough time to do it before.
and what i can say is the kickoff is the hardest part so....gud luck to try something new. :)

Dila said...

herm.. i like reading books.. I find it a challenge to read literary works.. thats why i took it up.. during this boring time. You wont find me pondering the meaning of life when Im working.
ah well.. other interest? my my.. nothing sparks much for me now..

iceroll said...

how about..learn cooking?? hehehehehe

Dila said...

How domestic.. no thank you. Not interested =p~

Dila said...
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