Friday, January 07, 2005

Yeah yeah.. I am updating

Due to half of my readers request (which counts to only 2) for me to update my not so much blog, I will I will.

I am at JB now. Home sweet Home. or so it seems. Everything here is fine. Normal. Excepting my brother hair. Whenever I saw him around the house I had the unpleasant view of a junior version of Alleycats. I told him to get a haircut.. he doensnt look cool despite any attemps made in combing and moussing his hair. Nonetheless being in my family and inheriting our stubborn genes, he refused my advice and keep on thinking he have the coolest hair around and he look darn good looking. Even birds are thinking to start a nest on his head. Enough description. I had enough viewing of the ridiculous "head piece" and are made to walk publicly beside him, I don't need to imagine it in my head anymore than possible.

Anyhow, I would also like to give my unofficial view of The Bachelor. The one I am seeing is currently Jesse something.. who cares anyway.. He is a quaterback of NFL something something.. therefore a great catch. I have a sneaking suspicion he is a lil bit of an idiot. Not like the other Bachelor. The other Bachelors before this are a bit perverted, manipulative, womanizer and and a liar. This Jesse guy from this one eps seems kinda honest but a bit ..well as I said above. The gals are not that great either. The one I think who's spark off intelligence is his best friend Jenny who is also the spy for the Bachelor thingies. Most of them are either gold diggers, airheads and yeah.. pretty (in well proportioned kinda way). Not suprising. And not surprising either these are the gals who get to the top 10. Even though his best friend effort to point out who's the piece of work, the kinda girl who am sure just in it for the money (marry the guy, divorce him in 2 years time and take all his money), but this are the kinda gals of course Jesse had his eyes upon. If I am Jenny, I had hit him on the head with the rugby ball.

The piece of work I am talking about is Trish. She is a model therefore OF COURSE the guy like him the most. And she got the 1st alone date. She boasted to the other gals, she doesnt want to settle down, just wanna find a rich guy, so she could have lotsa maids to look after her. So the other gals are pretty disgusted with her.
The most hilarious thing is that quote " I hate kids, ... the messy ones, the one you see in the grocery store with bits of lollipop side of their mouth". well that is not the hilarious part, she told Jesse like she doesnt wanna have kids, and this poor guy kinda went silent and looked very very shocked saying "Family is very important to me" (I give one point for this guy for saying this), and just keep silent.. until this Trish, knowing she said the like MOST the wrong thing amended her statement.. " Well... I dont wanna have 5 or 4 kids... I want 1 or 2". And this Jesse loooks kinda relieved. (So I will take back my point I given to him earlier, seeing Trish hesitated so long to give that not so convincing answer and he sooo stupid to believe that) . I also took a minus point on Jesse, since he is so stupid to give the manipulative b**** a rose even though Jenny (his best friend, the one he said he trusted the most to get him going on this show..bahh)said to him that Trish is high maintenance and only interested in money. Jesse is of course smitten with the piece of work and said "Trish intrigued me in so many different ways" I can solve that intriguing questions; money, great apartmen, connections, cars, maids. May they be happy forever. Well it is still very early.. only 2nd eps. But I am greatly annoyed with this guy. So.. whut? Guys finding a model and their mind turned to mush? Or is their mind already a mush to start with so when a model come along she just twirl him around like a cotton sticky candy. Baaahhh~ This Bachelor thingies are not improving my perceptions on mankind.


Anonymous said...

"She is a model therefore OF COURSE the guy like him the most."

is this Trish is a shemale? hehehehe

taqiyuddin bakir said...

yes, i think i'm guilty too. oh dilla.. what should i do ~~? :~(~~~

Dila said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dila said...

ah.. had seen above I was spluttering with rage so I had typed things I want and meant (with every little beams of my desperate soul) to say.. but due to me being me.. so I just deleted it.

I make mistake.. hell yeah.. I didnt double check it.
But For the love of all the angels heaven and earth
back the HELL off!

ehem.. (straightening her hair a bit) ..

so yeah.. it was her.. not him..
thanks a lot for noticing the mistake.. baah!

mangifera said...

hrm...nampak cam marah giler dgn pompuan tu sbb LAWA dan marah sgt dgn laki tu sbb BODOH. well, there's nothing wrong being STUPID and PRETTY. just because HE is STUPID, HE will learn from HIS STUPIDITY and that bitch TRISH will learn that not every man will fall for her BEAUTY. at least, not me.hahaha....don't get really mad, wrong thing must happen thousand times before the last right thing happen. if HE is lucky, HE will meet the right thing soon, but who's know? just keep watching and keep posting ya.

Anonymous said...

hoih. marah gile. aku gurau aje aa

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