Thursday, January 20, 2005

Unnecessary Ramble

Lets take a ramble down my thoughts. Where the points don't matter and logic are thrown out of the window. In another much simpler words, I have no idea what to post. My last post was surely a gloomy one. I think the hols are doing to me a whole lots of bad rather than good. I think I needed to take a break from holidays. I am starting to be one of those pessimists and are prone to think of disagreeable things such as dying to be a spinster with nothing to eat but bread and be fat and idle.

I have a premonition..( more like my mom told me) my 2 sisters will come down to JB tonight, therefore I won't get a chance to use the Internet when peoples are overflowing in my house. And I have my niece to contemplate with. But it is annoying since I am now seems to fall into depression state. Kinda like moping around the house and grew irritable with everyone day by day. I hate applying jobs and boasted to peoples of my meagre knowledge and thinking how a girl with no apparent skills, nervous when talking to people she don't know and no idea what she wants have to offer herself to a company. How I wish sometimes I was a 18th century socialites and all I have to do is simpers and marry a man with considerable fortune ( I am reading too much Georgette Heyer novels). Right now am also hearing at the radio Ashlee Simpson interview.. When I was a schoolgirl I think I was interested in hearing all this rubbish about what artist wanna say about themselves... Never cease to wonder sometimes how silly a girl can be when at a young age without realizing it. Always about me, me and me. Now being an irritable jobless graduate, it just grate on my nerves. And she kept on repeating ", its like i like doing things..,Like I want to like her .., Like I am living like.., Is Like I can't sings, I Like talking rubbish about things, I like blaming other ppls when I can't sings at live show....." .. ok.. ok I am making some of it up.. but you get the ideas. All the likes being crammed in one interview is bound to rattle one nerves. And I am much too lazy to change the frequency.

And what most horrifying is... I am fast finishing my stocks of feel good novels. And anything left in a few days will be a serial murderous books, monsters, perverted nature human act and (Gasp, shudders, shake of head) medical dictionaries. It is to be known by me.. I will sooner or later will be thrown into a state of melancholia.

Oh today is the bachelor.. What lies I will see today. I will keep you guys posted on what my thoughts.. but much later I think. When I got the chance. Anyhow.. Selamat AidilAdha to Muslims.


Anonymous said...

i think u need to get a job dila.

and by the way did u know that u need to look for the job, not the job looks for u??hehehehehe..jgn marah


taqiyuddin bakir said...

maybe i should quit my job.. and we can find jobs together.. yeay~ like it'll be kewl ain't it? like really really good friends~

Anonymous said...

maybe you should learn to take all the obstacle easily and one most important thing, be more patient. you seem stress out so better take a break from your life(maybe go for some place or meet some frenz).

Dila said...

Oh I know the solution simple enough.. yet I am constrained by the circumstances..
As for instance, a friend had asked me earlier to watch a movie.. I don't much set my hope up on that expectation... since I knew my friends here always failed me. And it is trifling dissapointing to know that I am right.
And the outcome is.. no.. I didnt get to watch the movie

Anonymous said...

ish...kesian dia. sabar jer lah. itu jer la yang boleh dikatakan.

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