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Beautiful Dream

I had a dream. Not the daydream sorta things. My dream when you sleep. I dont always enjoy my dreams since I always dream of ghosts, murderers, being chased and HIM.
But this dreams make me dont wanna wake up.
I dream of a man. I cant remember his face. He came to me and ask me to dance. And dance we did in a catacomb, under the moonlight in a pool of water reaching to our knees surrounded by ancient pillars. It was a beautiful dream, it was a beautiful dance. And later I was sobbing quietly under my pillows. And he came.. and wiped my tears away, holding me. Telling me he is here now and not to be sad again.
I doesnt know what does it signify. Perhaps it signify nothing. Perhaps it signify my wants.


i think it signify your wants.
seems that your wish to go to pompeii is pretty strong. at par with you wanting a guy.
Dila said…
haha.. Perhaps it is that!
Anonymous said…
people always said that if u kept thinking about something, then there is high chances that u will have a dream about thing. since u read wired books like serial killer series, and ghost stories, no wonder u always dreamt of something like that.hehe.and u always dreamt of HIM??that means u always think about HIM. dont deny.
maybe it signify ur wants. u kept thinking about ur needs,and then it came into ur dream.
Anonymous said…
having such a dream is alwiz my dream. mmg romantik amat dan sungguh membuatkan saya sungguh terharu. maybe dils really want or miss or love such romantic guy and i pray to GOD so you can find such a man (maybe it's difficult but not impossible). dils...may i know who is HIM? only and only if you're don't mind with my question.
Dila said…
Perhaps dreams does meant something. But I really do wish I can stop running in my dreams. Its so dreadfully tired. Hehehe..

As for HIM.. oh.. I can't answer that. Perhaps only HIM knows who he is.
Anonymous said…
i know who is HIM. hehehe.. bagitau ekk?? hehehe
Dila said…
You know who is HIM?
No lah.. of koz u don't .. unless u're HIM! hahaha

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