Friday, January 28, 2005

Remember that Dating Show?

I had told you before that I will give an update on The Bachelor. Before this I was really consumed by it. Hahaha.. Maybe I just have too much time in my hands. Nonetheless, today I just can't stomach it. I won't say anymore on how bitchier Trish get.. But actually I had just type it.. So there,the harm is done. Overall.. all I seen is a lot of kissing and less talking and I just can't stomach it any longer. Therefore I had taken channel surfing to prevent myself from puking out everytime I see Jesse hell bent on kissing and making out with every girl. He is undoubtedly the cutest Bachelor so far, but I also think he also like making out with various gals a little tad bit too much. If you wanna eliminate a girl (in this case Suzie) give her a peck or a decent kiss.. you don't kiss /grab/pillows all flying every direction and send her home the next day. I like the part when Jenny came and told the gals the truth, and Trish expression, she just STOP being friendly with the gals then since I think she felt betrayed. Ahh.... Asrol will think I am making too much of this.. but hey.. a shiftless girl need to have a hobby.
Oh yeah.. the final 4 rose.. were given out to: Trish (Don't get me started), Jessica B., Tara, Mandy J. Can't say I am surprise though. But no problemo.. the show will go on.. which is next week.. And I will undoubtedly have more time at hand in typing my view on this.

Now the part where no sickening reality show is. I had just finished reading Memoirs of A Geisha. Its not the first time I read it, I think this is probably the 4th or 5th time I read it. (When I like a book, I am weirdly attached to it). But by reading it again and again, I am growing even more a deep respect towards the book and the author which is Arthur Golden. Those who have not read the book.. I do advised you to read it. It is a sweet, poignant book. Written so beautifully about the women with the white make up. One of the reasons that I like books because it transport you to the author's world like no movies can. But in this books, the descriptive words in portraying the Geisha life. I felt like I was there watching Sayuri life from childhood to womanhood. When the author describes how Sayuri held up her hand to watch how the setting sun will looks on her skin, I found myself doing the same.

The character here which I found I liked the most is Sayuri 'older sister', Mameha. To me she is the strongest character of this book. Sayuri is uncertain, too naive even when older. But Mameha is a woman in her element. She can be demure, but she shock peoples in the way you might feel a little jolt of electricity when your crush somehow brush their hand against your skin. I find myself appreciating geisha, on how hard to make a job of keeping men interested in you. Interesting job. Daunting, but interesting. Perhaps is THE job for women on the 18th century at Japan. And I felt glad that my first impression of a geisha is not some kind of prostitutes, but my first impression of a geisha; when I was little and looking at their picture in my book of all scenery in Japan, was a performer. And the truth is not that far from my first impression.
I felt a little melancholy I guess. Since the book mainly is about Sayuri quest on the man of her dream. And the question that she keeps popping out is.. What she going to do when she realized that the man of her dream are in no way attainable to her? And this is the question that I myself am dreading. As Sayuri realized on her effort in loving him had becoming almost hopeless
" And yet if I drew my thoughts back from him, what life would I have? I would be like a dancer who had practices since childhood for performance she would never give "

I am tiring myself out with all this typing. So I will stop. Till later


Anonymous said...

hoihh memandai aje wat assumption pasal aku. but yes, u do making it too much. hehe

Memoirs of a Geisha ehh??i thought it was a movie


Dila said...

hehe.. as i say before.. I need things to do.. asrol =p~

well memoirs of a geisha is being made into a movie and it will be shown later this year too. I can't say I am that excited about the movie since

1. The actress is Zhang Ziyi... ( I like many other somehow feels a Japanese actress would do this character justice)
2. The books is always portray better than movie

Nonetheless.. It will be interesting

Anonymous said...

u need things to do heh? how about....u learn cooking? isn't that a good suggestion heh?? hehehe


mangifera said...

memoirs of a geisha ek? actually dah nampak dah buku tu but not really interested to read maybe because its too thick..hehehe...and i dunt have enough money to buy it actually. but from what you said about the book, the story is so interesting. one important thing to highlight in the book is you may feel in love with the person that never appreciate you. maybe as a geisha, sayuri have no other choice since her life is only about the stage she performed, the man which enjoy her performance, the performance house...and also, i think that she maybe have no time for other thing. and about zhang zi yi, she very good to play the role of sayuri based on what she have done in the house of flying daggers. she look tough but actually lembut hati.....

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