Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cerita basi time Merdeka weekend

I went back to JB that Merdeka day holiday. Saje balik sebab my mom rindukan rumah die. 

It gave me a chance to go to my favorite mall which is Holiday Plaza. This time I do not look for any phone cover. Eh.. I meant did not buy. Haha. The thing with using a lesser popular phone, there is not many phone cover for you. Yang ade pon is very basic like those plastic jelly or cheap looking leather stuffs. I remembered wanting to buy Note2 and was super excited that I can change my phone cover frequently. I got loadsss of Note 2 phone cover. Some are very nice. Sigh. 

Aziz drinking his sundae. Tu rambut tu dah nak start curly balik dah kat depan. So funny. His dad bought a those mcslurry but he was pissed. I was looking at shoes so my husband and the kids go to McDonalds first. When I reached there, Aziz was throwing tantrum because the Mcslurries ( aku type je malas check ejaan sebenar mcslurries)  does not have any red sauce or berries. Rupanye iklan mcslurries laici tu ade gamba laici, where laici kan merah. Die ingatkan laici tu strawberries and he is pissed that his ice cream tadek strawberry ok. So just bought a strawberry sundae je la for him. He really do like strawberries. Sebijik macam mommy die! 

At HP also I bought some simple bata shoes. I kan selalu pakai FitFlop but nowadays I can't wear my old yellow trust fitflop no longer. My feet and ankle punye sakit... I can barely walks at time. So just bought a cheap comfy sandal at Bata at RM35. Aziz pon nak join gak and he bought Upin and Ipin shoes at RM45. Haha. But so sad I can no longer wear Fitflop. Even wearing my new Fitflop is painful nowadays. So I said to husband I will put away my Fitflop for a while and after a month or two pakai balik to see if its just my old Fitflop or Fitflop in general that caused my feet and ankle to ache. 

This was in my Instagram and FB and people are intrigued. Karipap frozen tu biasa la, but kat pasar tani kat JB je people I would see multitudes of frozen stuffs. Yang wrapped with daun apetah tu frozen lopes ok! Aku memang ultimate favorite lopes ni, so I bought one. Dont care for apam because I never was a fan of apam. But di situ also ade kuih puteri ayu also which is also another favorite! But I decided against it because my freezer is jam packed full of stuffs. Frozen donut, frozen pie, frozen karipap, frozen popiah. . Kalau ade zombie apocalypse ( and if power is still running la kan), I would be stocked for at least a year! Which is why last weekend because aku nak kurangkan isi freezer I goreng the donut and karipap. Donut frozen is very nice ok. I used airfryer for my donut which makes it fluffy. I tried to goreng the donut, it is quite nice also, and not oily to my surprise but I rather airfried my donut pasnih.

The rest of the days at JB was nothing much macam biasa, gi makan yong taufu , abc ( which dihabiskan oleh adik aku yang pelahap), mee rebus. The weird thing is I didn't go to Angsana, which is very weird. Angsana tu macam a must go place whenever we family went back to JB. But this time more trips are made to the kawasan kedai area Jalan Padi Emas. Ade banyak kedai2 butik yang lawa2 and quite cheap. There was a new one that opened that have nice kurta. I like! ( and affordable too. ). So I grab one .

Oh we did went to the Hello Kitty Wonderland. Kan ade indoor theme park for the tots. I say tots because this park is very age appropriate for Aziz. It aims for kids from 3 to 5. Expensive too. Kids below 3 or 90cm is free. So all of us included Aziz cousin who we bring along amount close to RM250. Naseb baik Saif free. And we took only the Thomas and Friends park. Did not go to the Hello Kitty one because too girly for Aziz and the one with Thomas and Friends have more rides. Aziz went for every ride except the bumper car, because it is the only ride which requires the kids height to be at least 110 cm. He  is not quite there yet.

But he did have fun. He loves the indoor playground and especially the rides. So yeah, worth the money la. Boleh pulak la I tertinggal my phone at my mom's home at the time so no pics! But there is one from my husband IG. 
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