Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom's guilt

From Monday Saif was warded at hospital. 

It started from Thursday, like I said earlier when the nursery teacher informed he had a fever. But it then turned to full blown diarrhea and pukes all over the house. 

Husband brought him to the clinic and the doctor said it most probably is food poisoning. 

But the weekend he didnt get any better. And by Monday he was looking like this 

Which scares me. My sister said if the eyes looked sunken, that is a clear sign of dehydration. Brought him to the paeds and immediately the paeds saw him and his face is all serious instead of his usual jokey self and said to ward him.

Giving him random stuffs so he have things to play with.

Saif the next day and his cheek is getting fuller again to my relief. By this time he had refused bottle and only want to directly feed. Which is soooo annoying because we can't give him his ORS. Die punye other medicine pon we have to put quite an effort to force him to swallow it. And the ORS which is for me personally I HATE apatah lagi for baby. So he do not want his formula milk or plain water or glucose water. I can only force like half an oz of ORS water and that took a lot of effort. I even put a bit on his porridge lepas tu die rijek ok. And food is the only thing he wants aside from BM, which is actually pretty oklah . 

Anyway...  during the whole stay at the hospital he is still pooping every 2 3 hrs. Sehari standard berak dalam 10 kali ok. So the doctor is very reluctant to release him. He was tested for rotavirus but that aint it. And today the doctor said that Saif actually had salmonella poisoning to my horror. He can be discharged today, but he may still be pooping every 3 4 hrs. We need to strong armed him more to force the ORS water down his throat then. 

I think most people knows what salmonella poisoning is and the most probable culprit is improper handling of food ( usually from meat or chicken) , which place the blame on me because I also bekalkan food to him at nursery. I am very anal in washing hands and making sure my meat/chicken are cooked thoroughly. Who knows maybe the chicken was not cooked thoroughly. Oh dear.. or it can be from other people.  I am actually at a loss on where/when he does get it, but I also knows 

1. Needs more hand washing before and after preparing food and bagi food. 
2. Proper food handling. 

Sigh. Today I feel very inept as a mother. 

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