Friday, September 11, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On , so overused yet so apt

Got nothing to do at office. Still wrapping stuffs. Oh my contract work here is gonna end soon and only 2 out of 4 people I believed are offered to continue. But I am fine about it because I don't think this is the job for me and am happy for the other 2 because this is great opportunity for them. It was always stated that they hired us so there are more people on hands during the business downtime tu.

I may or maybe not have a job after this. Waiting on an offer. Not too psyched about it, but I also do not want to complain much because people are losing their jobs right and left in this economy and soo many companies especially the one I want in KL are now in a hiring freeze. But like I said, there is no official offer yet, lets seen. In the mean time duduk ofis and keep calm and wrap books on.

The nursery teacher whatsapp me informing me that Saif have a fever and bile sampai rumah found him fussing and crying and with a high temp. He was being very clingy. So mengantuk. He kept on pooping every 2 or 3 hours with intermittent muntah all over me sebab die nak tidur atas mommy die. Husband offered to take EL so I datang lah ofis and he takes care of baby. Saif at the cliniic now I guess. 

Aziz macam biasa die la. We are still trying to toilet train him, tapi sebab we all sendiri tak konsisten so tak berapa nak jadi. But during raya haji nanti the nursery and preschool tutup for a week, and we decided at the time. Tapi die resisted jugak . Macam last weekend tak pakaikan diapers kat die. Die punye lah marah. He came down to the living room and gave me his diaper cakap " Aziz bukan big boy!" Sebab bapak die cakap.. big boy tak pakai pampers. He was so uncomfortable not wearing diaper so we give him undie to wear. Haha. Ah well.. tengok camne lah nanti. 


MINE! ALL MINE! Husband punye teammates mana yang balik dari Turkmenistan bring back this whole plastic of chocolates for me. I especially love that Alpen Gold. I told him beli yang Alpen tu je, yang lain2 tadek takpe. Hehe.

My morning drink. Dan gua ni cheapskate. I don't use the whole packet in one mug, I usually used only half and keep it for another day or later in the day. Partly cheapskate partly I memang suke watery drinks. Haha.

Dan semalam I went to a cafe at my office to enjoy a chicken chop all by my lonesome. Sebab bile keluar dengan bebudak I usually akan order benda yang senang I nak makan satu tangan, satu tangan lagi sebuk pegang budak la ape la especially Saif clingy tu, So nak makan chicken chop kena la pandai cari time. Gitu. Haha. 

Huh. Semalam macam banyak je mende nak update. Tapi bile ade idea tu, time tu sibuk nak balik. SO malas. Heh. Laters then. 

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