Thursday, February 03, 2011

Went to Penang

My friends and I went to Penang to eat and be merry. Pictured above are some of the things that we manage to eat. That laksa there, is to die for. Maybe because of all the tiny cili padi scattered in it. Gohan is afraid of it. Went there on Saturday and got back to KL on Sunday. Did not manage to eat a lot of things as I had hope to, but there's always next time. 

Had a great time buying clothes though, especially the Punjab style clothes which I like. Those are awesome. Didn't buy a lot of DVDs as I want to because some series are not out yet. But there's always next time. However we'd a great time and a full stomach.

Not gonna blabber for long. I'm enjoying the CNY holiday and the JB foods while watching series. Happy holiday to all of you


mommy nazeef said...

waaaa...penang. bes woo

Dils said...

best best. perut and masa tak cukup untuk makan lebih extensive

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