Friday, February 18, 2011

Usual random

Impending Wedding
I've been busy going here and there for my brother's wedding. Since sometimes I went alone or with my sister most of the bridal boutiques automatically assume this wedding is for me. Haha. Even the new maid at my sister's house thought that the impending marriage preparation is for my wedding because she had never seen my husband. This only shows that my husband had been away far too long. Bah! But it is still fun to prepare for the wedding. . My brother is like "whatever.. ", so the sisters are having all the fun. The downside to this is I'm broke.

Love & Other Drugs
I'd watched Love & Other Drugs. It was so sweet. Granted you need to watch it uncensored because there's a lot of nudity going on there especially involving Anne Hathaway boobs. And by typing that out, I'd guaranteed there will be some stray that will stumbled into my blog looking for that. Back to the movie, I thought it is gonna be more dark and serious, but most of the time it is funny and sweet. I did wish it'd been a bit more serious, but hey, it was still good. And I recommend it to you, watch with your friends ( to comment on Jake Gylenhall and Anne Hathaway bits) . Or your married spouse (for the same reason while laughing at the sex). I am not promoting for unmarried couples nor I tegah also.

I think I look fat. No. I know I look fat.
I think I mentioned so many times I need to diet. Cakap banyak, satu haprak action tiada. And now I have to. My pants are now becoming leggings and I am severely unhappy about it. It is either wearing baju kurung all the time now or buying more pants which is not an option because, moi, broke, si? And wearing baju kurung all the time, is also like. NO. So come on Dila, don't be a fattie. Sigh. Exercise is such a chore. I am always incredulous when I heard of people saying things like " I love working out". Why can't I be one of those people?

X: Men & McAvoy
X: Men First Class trailer is now out. Despite James McAvoy in it, I am not impressed. The trailer underwhelmed me. So. Gah! Emma Frost looks hot though, but James McAvoy does not move me there. Please let it be good. The only James McAvoy coming out soon is Gnomeo and Juliet and he is not onscreen!

Well, sampai sini sahaja. I think it should be some time for some proper post. But I am not in the mood to be serious in blog nowadays!


taqiyuddin bakir said...

do you by any chance know where to get a cast iron skillet other than ikea's?

Dils said...

LOL. Random question. No idea. I would think everywhere (Jusco, Isetan, Tefal! )

I love Tefal. Mostly I like grilling on Tefal.

FrH said...

hahaha .. nasib baik ada adik laki yg nak kawen, which means kakak2 yg dah kawen ni bole laa verangans apa yg dihajati xdpt masa kawen dulu, now its time!!

Dila, don't be a fattie. (ctrl v ayat kau!).

ska_ocean said...

Fattie? hehehe! itu lah aku sejak misscarriage 2 tahun lepas. sedar2 je berat da naik 20kg.

Dila, berusaha!

iceroll said...

bile aku tgk trailer x-men tuh tetiba terus teringat kt ko. hahaha. tp emma stone mmg hot though. Aku suka gile die dlm cite Easy A. Hillarious.

so since ko pun tak tegah utk org mcm aku tgk love and other drugs tuh kan, so aku pun terpaksa laa download. haha

iceroll said...

gah silap! aku ingatkan ko kate emma stone, rupanye emma stone.

iceroll said...

silap lg! emma frost!

Dils said...

Nak berangans over2 pon kenot. Kite org sponsor mende itu so tak dapek la nak over dari wedding sendri ye. LOL.

LOL. Berusahalah! Ganbatte!

Hehehe. Aku baru nak betulkan then tgk ko dah bagi pembetulan, 2x.

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