Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Drool

Random celebrities pop-up

I woke up feeling great. All because I dreamt Brendan Fehr kissed me. Repeatedly. Some people think I am lucky to have celebrities popped up in dreams making dreams come true. I'm a lucky girl indeed! Except for the time when I dreamt Ryan Seacrest trying to be my pimp. That is nightmarish.

I took this from his IMDB.
That is what Brendan Fehr looks like ( I can't find a better pic of him, but I swear he looks amazing in TV ). The most recent I saw him was in Nikita. I haven't reviewed that here. Been meaning to since it is one my current favorite series. Now Nikita casting people, please find him further role there. It was painful to watch him in Samurai Girl, I persevere though because I just need to see him in tv. Of course my crush on him started during Roswell. He was hot then as bad boy type and hot now as the in charge type (the role he played in Nikita even if he is a villain). I am now smiling stupidly at the memory of my dream. Perhaps husband needs to be here sooner. 

Random hot guy

As I mentioned in my Twitter : "Otw to work, i saw a handsome tall guy jogging. Topless. With sweat glistening attractively. And yes he was gorgeous. He made my morning.". 

Really, I think he is Malay. Somewhat attractive face (from the brief moment I look but his face is also hidden with big sunglasses). Tall. Attractive body. He was smiling when jogging because I think he knows he looks good even topless  and he knows women in cars are turning their head to look at him because he looks good. Well then random hot guy jogging, please jog some more around the time I am going to work.

Random things

I am not suppose to buy anything since my brother wedding is nearing and there's a lot of expenses with the trip to KB, Redang and the wedding held in KL. I had also just heard a 'ceramah' agama that makes sense in trying to say consumerism is basically selfishness and greed. Buying things that is not necessary. So if that's the case, why does the heart seems to want more bags! Though to be fair to my simple taste, it cost only RM50. I have to chew on this and guilt and ruminate some more. 

Also, for the first time in my life I step in LV boutique and was not move at all by any of the bags. Pretty, yes, but it is just not my thing. So even if I commit to consumerism, maybe it would be the lesser of 2 evils, buying things I can afford instead of things that I can't afford. Yups, yups. * telling myself that *

Later dudes and dudettes, it is Friday which usually entails long lunch hour, so am gonna commit some more of consumerism eye balling.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ah... do you know lucid dreaming? do you know how to take control of your dream? if you do, then you can do more than kiss Brendan Fehr.

Here's a tip. Check your watch consistently. like every five minutes or so. make it a habit. because you see, in dreams, numbers and letters go haywire. this is probably due to the part of the brain where dream are being drempt, aren't as analytic.

So when you've got the habit of checking your watch, you'll dream of checking your watch, but you'll notice that your watch is dreamy and will know that you're dreaming.

But then you have another problem. Which is the retention of you dream self. You'll feel wakefullness trying to kill the dream immediately upon the realization that you are dreaming. When this happens, you need to twirl. Twirl around like how you used to when you're a little girl. Remember how it feels? Dizzying right? Well in your dreams, it'll help you stay solid. You'll eventually be expert at this.

One last thing. You have to remember. You have to be able to recall your dream. A memory of a dream have the tendency to fade quickly from you. (That might be why we always go back to working 9 to 5 and be bound by the cubicle). You need to be able to hold on to your dream and never to let it go. And you do that by writing it down immediately after you wake. Keep pen and paper nearby, or a laptop maybe. Write blog about it quickly and recall its every details.

Now go! Go chase after your dreams. And don't forget to tell me all about it after.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Dils said...

Maybe this is why I kept on dreaming weirdly since I obsessivelyh check the clock before going to bed and read books before too.

Sometimes I can control my dreams (usually turning a nightmare to a pleasant one), but most of the times, I am like I know that "I am dreaming but let's go along anyway"

Haven't tried the twirling tho.

As for writing... I know plenty of people keep a dream journals. Some of mine are a bit risque though, which is why I am not telling :P

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