Monday, February 07, 2011

Animal trouble

Many of you know that I am a huge huge fans of cats. All shapes and sizes. No matter how mangy they look. Tho I do not cuddle the mangy ones, but if I saw a truly decrepit looking stray cats, I felt horribly guilty that I am unable or do not help them.

Those old to this blog knows that Fasha is rescued from beneath a rock in a drain though she doesn't like to be rescued. Kurap come to the house looking for foods and stay there and remains one of the most affectionate cats I ever had. Most people like Fasha because she is a beautiful cat and some express their opinion in adopting her. She is more popular compares to Kurap. But Kurap is the most abiding cat ever. Except for the time when she pooed on our bed and carpets. Fasha is not so much. I don't think she much cares about human opinions. 

So while sometimes Fasha enrages me, I couldn't give her away because I am afraid most people wouldn't stand for her annoying habits in peeing everywhere. She also like to eat rubbish that is bad for her so if I let her be, she will then start to have more problem in peeing (peeing blood, more frequent pee everywhere) so I have to be vigilant in keeping Fasha as an inside cat so she wouldn't terrorize the neighbors with her pawing at rubbish like some common stray and peeing at neighbors house (yes, it happened many times). After quite some times, our house is now cat-escape proof. This unfortunately resulted in Kurap being treated as a full inside cat too. 

What this means for us, is that I can't open the windows at the house unless I am sure that the cats are safely locked away at the back. I can't let myself forget to close the windows because Fasha can quickly smells her way out of the house. I also have to keep all food rubbish (tulang ayam, tulang ikan, kulit udang) sealed in some tight container if it is not yet garbage day because Fasha would sepahkan these rubbish everywhere. Fasha antics nowadays is tearing at the tissue everywhere. T_T . 

Having cat is a fuss. Especially if the cat needs extra attention. Medically, behavior. However having these 2 creatures in my life when I am lonely far surpassed the troubles they caused (broken glasses, broken electrical equipments, various cleaning after bodily liquids ). When they deign to let you pat them, don't that make you softer and gentler inside?

So this post maybe to remind you that pets are awesome. However it comes with responsibility. If you do not want to have loads of kittens later to take care of , neutered your cats. If you have male cats, have a bit of responsibility to not let it go impregnate every pathetic stray it can get. Those kittens that you found annoyingly mewing at the back of your house, can be a part of the problems you created if you let your male cats unspayed and roaming around. It annoyed me to find a lot of people giving away female cats and just keeping the male because they do not want to have the added responsibility of future kittens. I wouldn't trade Kurap for 5 male Persians okeh. 

I think I took a bit of the animal loving streak from my late dad. My mom was always telling us that he used to bring various animals from the jungle. He found a pack of puppies where the mother was dead / abandoned it and took it home. My mother kicked up a fuss for him not to keep the dogs. I think he managed to find some people who is willing to look after it. There is even some story about he found a tiger cub separated from its mom and wanting to take care of it but my mom told him to go back and put the tiger cub back to the jungle and let the mother tiger found the cub before the mother tiger found us. LOL ( and I really could not remembered if this story is true or not).Still, my dad was a bad ass with a heart of gold okeh. Did I mention that he wanted to buy me a horse that I'd pestering him about but my mom (again? mom!) told him no because wherever he wants to put the horse at ? ( my mom told this story and I didn't remembered it. My husband is tickled whenever he is reminded of the story) While I don't think I can muster to take away a tiger cub lost in a jungle, maybe there's a tiny bit of my dad in me. 

I have no idea what's the point of this post. It started with feeling guilty about unable to save these poor cats, then it got to the topic of Fasha and Kurap, and neutering and spaying responsibility and my dad loves for animals!  At the start of the post I just wanted to say I added some widget that shows the animals in need of adoption and just take a look there! Hoh!

So laters! And don't be too hard on the mangy strays the next time you are eating at a place full of cats. They are abandoned by people who couldn't care less and teach your kids not to be cruel to the poor creatures, even if you don't like animals.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i liek cats too! especially the ones with big capital letter kapshuns. LOL.

chics said...

"teach your kids not to be cruel to the poor creatures, even if you don't like animals."

Couldn't agree more!

Dils said...

Taqi : Those cats are the best!

chics : Kan , kan. Kalau tengok ade budak yang duk main sepak-sepak kucing, mesti aku sound. Kenkadang cuak jugak kalo kena sound dgn mak bapak die, tapi tak lagi stakat ni.

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