Monday, February 28, 2011


Hurrying writing a new post sementara keje on hold dan performance review belom set tarikh lagi.

So because I'd been wanting to review Inkworld trilogy. Here it goes.


  • Inkheart - I think most you know the story from the movie. A voice of certain people when read out loud can make the stories from the book came true.
  • Inkspell - For this book, the family read themselves into the story of Inkheart and shenanigan  adventures happened.
  • Inkdeath -The adventures from Inkspell continued. Basically fixing the stories and beating the bad guys. 

Wow. That is a pretty short summary. And I guess a short review is in order too. In point form la because I have stuffy nose, and that resulted in foggy brain.

Point form reviews: 

  • I much rather watch the movie. It is much more nicer. Well, for Inkheart anyway. 
  • The character Meggie is so annoying and selfish and whiny that once in a while I felt like slapping her. 
  • I have no vested interest in any of the characters. Which maybe why I am uninterested to turn the page. 
  • I also could not see why the story is so popular. Then I realized that it is originally in German and maybe some of the beauty are lost in translation.
  • That being said, I am actually impressed with all the dark stuffs going on in the books. While Book 1 it seems like the good guys beat the bad guys. Book 2 and almost to the end of Book 3, is depressing. You don't feel that light and good are winning in the story. 
  • While I did say I have no vested interest in the characters, the most interesting, complex and attractive characters I found in the book is Violante. I would love to get to know her more. She is a complex character that is full of flaws yet everything about her seems to stand out. Write a book about her!

Verdict : 

That being said. I enjoyed Inkheart (somewhat), enjoyed the early part of the Inkspell and the ending of the Inkdeath. However I felt it a bit lacking, maybe due to the characters. I find it a bit draggy. Maybe the book is too thick (mine is 3 books in one, not gonna buy like that anymore. Hard to bring everywhere and read while lying down), however if I found myself putting the book down, I am not incline to pick it up again. Maybe it appeals to a younger demographic, who knows? But I myself unabashedly love YA books. So the Inkworld trilogy felt like finding yourself eating a hot piping ramen in a rainy day and you feel like there is something missing in it to make you want to slurp the whole thing down in 1 gulp.

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