Monday, February 14, 2011


It is hard to give explanations to people that ain't thinking too fondly of you on why you act a certain way. However I think with age, many of us just stop giving the explanations altogether. 

I used to feel annoyed or angry when people started judging based on a 5 mins intro or worst of all story yang dijaja-jaja oleh orang lain. Nowadays, I couldn't give a crap and if they say they are surprised that I am like this, like this, like this or they think I am (proud, not nice, stupid, bla bla bla ) , I will be very dismissively accepting that this people and this don't like me and I know about it but I won't do anything about it. Why you want to win over the people that don't like you? Why spend all those energy to people who don't give a chance and make a quick judgment about you? 

And people is entitled to their opinion. I will not stand to lose anything by not being friends with you and nor do you lose anything by not being friends with me. I am not so high and mighty to think that I have so many things to offer people in term of friendship. I am brusque. I don't know how to express sympathy. I lose patience easily. So I am appreciative instead of the people who still wants to get to know me.

I don't know where this post started from, but maybe from all these unpleasantness floating around. Basically stop giving out craps to people and don't stand for other people craps either. 

Gosh I really need to potong my kuku. And tomorrow is a holiday. Yeay!


FrH said...

phew, dah lama xbaca blog kau sbb xbleh bukak kt ofis ni. tetiba arini bleh bukak dah.

persetankan this kind of people. pegi la mati. or pray for them supaya kene siflis.

Anonymous said...

okeh. aku terpaksa google makna brusque. :P dem terasa vocab amat kurang LOL

Dils said...

LOL. Sume pesalah2 sekarang hukuman adalah siflis ye. Lulzy.

Haha. For the simple reasons of I read more than you. Do not worry young one, you will catch up on me. Haha. (tapi I am severely lacking on technical jargon, so maybe you have the advantage there)

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