Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Muddling through the words

Gah! I was/am/should be super busy!

Less busy currently because I had finished my works. Well, kinda, almost. Needs to test out things. When I was testing out things earlier, aku sudah mahu hendak hyperventilate when I see there is no error message for a thing that should have an error message. Ingatkan dah tak betul ke , kena buat balik ke, or did I do something wrong with the code and messed it ALL AND NEEDS TO START ALL AGAIN FROM SCRATCH, OMG I WANT TO DIE . Sekali check balik document, memang betul la tu. Wargh. Panik, panik.

Good God. I can't imagine being a programmer in my 40s, I'll be sure be having a high blood pressure + heart problems whenever deadlines are nearby and I can't seems to think out a solution on why does the bloody thing could not be save.

In other good news. I got a raise. Yeay! Yippee! It couldn't have come at a better time, especially with the new house and me being broke almost every time ( Remember last time, I told you my lunch money is RM2, now scratch that. It is nada. Duit ku cukup2 untuk parking je, so makan, makan la di rumah). It is quite a significant raise and to get such amount in such dire economy when people are being laid off here and there, I am really grateful. Syukur Alhamdulillah. At least I can buy something nice for my husband this year for his birthday. (Lambat lagi, birthday die bulan 3 tapi aku suke beli-beli hadiah ni).

Oh, everyone had talked about our late Sultan Johor , his death, berkabung and not. The people in JB will most certainly felt his loss. Especially those who lived near the istana I reckon, because he really liked to mingle among the people. And he really loved Johor. And despite his 'colorful' personality, the people can't help but like him. I wondered what will happened to his buaya-buaya.

I was wanting to post a picture of Kurap doing her most favorite things when I am sitting down in front of the computer, but I felt so lazy to turn on my bluetooth, activate the receiving bluetooth from the computer, transferred the file , save and upload it here. It sounds like tooo much work. I'll save it for tomorrow then.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

what do you mean by his buaya buaya? dia bela buaya ke? did you ever heard of sultan perak's pact with raja buaya? says that sultan perak made a pact with raja buaya to never bother cucu cucu adam in sungai perak. thats why we rarely hear buaya incidents in sungai perak, and most of malaysian buaya incident came from sungai rajang, which have no sultan, only the white rajah and i can't imagine the white rajah making such pact.

Dils said...

Yups, he was quite enamored with them. There is a statue fountain near the Istana lama depicting 5 crocs yang looked actually quite lifelike.

Haha. Nah, I don't think so I ever heard of the pact though I did kind of vaguely remembered of folklore of raja buaya and sultan.

Kasapsky said...

blaja2 la wat logfile. Susah gak nak jadi programmer xde buat logfile. Ade logfile senang nak trace, it's much more easier search error with logfile rather than to start build it again. Just suggestion cause xde nak tulis ape2. Here still berkabung wearing songkok lilit kain putih.

Obefiend Weiland said...

hmm what to say

oh.. gratz on the raise dils!

Dils said...

Am a sucky programmer sebab aku have no idea what you mean. Hehehe. Though keje aku is more on customizing other people codes. Tu yang lagi pening tu.


mommy nazeef said...

uishhhh...salute la u. hebat!! seb baik la i dah tersimpang nuuuuun jauh dr programming language...klu x, mau tido syntax, mandi syntax n even solat pon teringat syntax!! ahahaha...kan? kan? kan dils??

frH said...

hahaha! lawak btol .. patut laa nai dulu selalu jek migraine ..

haha bengong .. best btol laki kau .. asyik dpt hadiah jek ;)

buaya-buaya? sultan johor bela buaya eh? xtau plak aku ..

Dils said...

Hahaha. betul. At least kalo ko balik umah tadekle rase sakit hati je duk pikir macam mana nak solve problem tu.

Ade. Die ade buat special crocodile farm dulu untuk buaya2 die. Hehe.

Kasapsky said...

oo code reader rupenye. Ntah, banyak sangat syntax sampai communication language pun dah migrate ke syntax. Blasah je la janji hidup bahagia. Congrat.... (tgh pening2 gak ni nak migrate from license to open source code)

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