Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Red go-go boots and a sinister box

Things been ahappening during the weekend. Mainly cleaning the new house. Yes, my husband and I have bought a house and in the process of well, kemas and whatever. Long arduous process and that would take another post which I would later tell, if my husband don't

Anyway, terasa macam nak tulis review muvi. So here it is.

All About Steve

What its about? 
Sandra Bullock (Mary) is a socially awkward woman who fell in love with Steve (Bradley Cooper) and followed him through the country.

  • Thought I would hate the movie, but I did enjoyed it. 
  • Mary is silly and a bit insane but endearing. 
  • You can drown in Bradley Cooper's eyes. 
  • The movie is good for relaxing as there is nothing exceptional going on, but the silliest thing. 
  • Not Sandra Bullock best movie, but she seems to be having fun. 
  • Basically a mediocre fare with that I will compare and rate it to 2 decent bruschetta

The Box

What its about? 
A couple (James Marsden and Cameron Diaz) is presented with a box with button and given a choice. If they push the button, they will receive a million dollar but some random person in the world that they don't know will die. If they don't, well, nothing will happen basically.

  • Horrible, boring movie. Was literally bored to tears. 
  • Kept on repeating to self and husband... "I don't understand this movie." "I don't get it" "Damn, this is boring". 
  • There are some scenes that literally do not make any sense in any way I try to think of it. I understood the message, but the story and scenes ? Not so much.There are some that I go like .... why the hell do they even show that if that does not help the story!
  • The movie is actually an adaptation of a short story "Button, Button" (I think that is the title). The story was either poorly executed, should not be translated to screen for more than an hour of viewing or should stay as a written short story and be left clearly alone. 
  • James Marsden as an eye candy, could not save this movie for me. 
  • The only good points I could think of: James Marsden is a darling. He and Cameron Diaz got some pretty good chemistry. 
  • My advice is : Stay the hell away. It would be better if you read the book. If I would rate it, I would just give it a paltry 1 green M&Ms.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you rate things in food. 2 bruschettas for the Sandra Bullock film? 1 M&M for The Box. I take it you prefer bruschetta to green M&Ms! Very clever. I like your system a lot.

Dils said...

Heh. I will rate in food if I remembered it! I should add there home made bruschettas though, because home made bruschettas is infinitely better than stores or restaurants one.

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