Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mini rants of some kind with a smattering of ramblings

Diet pills vs Poop pills.
You know the diet product women swears by? Actually I don't know too, I never taken one because my sister would probably kills or the very least cause bodily harm to me . I know of some women taking them though, saying untuk membuang toxic badan dengan pooping so your badan can shed kilos by shedding those toxic. I am calling bulls on that. Bullshit. It is not diet pills. Or health supplements. It is called laxatives. So women, stop deluding yourself. If you are eating it to poop more to shed kilos EQ laxatives. It is probably more healthier if you eat a lot of fruits instead of drinking that tea.

Update on ME. Because this blog is about me. So I will update about ME!
My specs sudah hampir patah. Don't know about other people, but if my specs sudah start senget benget, I would be having such a massive headache. New specs! And no I would not camwhore with my new specs.

Marriage and whats not.
Its weird on how angry I can be of some other people random comments on other people blogs. Did I phrase that correctly? Oh well. There's this blog where the person wrote that she cannot imagine being married to a woman. (The woman is bisexual). You know, I never care much if you are bisex, les or gay or whats not. I even agree that same sex marriage can be legal, of course not in the religious legal POV but the law that have nothing to do with religion sorta things. But that is my POV on how the U.S system should works. Its different with Malaysia and its Islamic laws for some and not the others aight. But that is a completely different argument for another sets of people.

What I had digress from saying is, why does when a person said they do not want to marry... other married people is all jumping up and down saying they should marry because bla bla bla... companionship... bla bla bla its the greatest thing ever bla bla bla? Can't you STFU? Even I, a married Muslim person found that annoying. If a person wants to get married, they will. Sometimes these marrieds people are like a cult. So eager to pull another member in.  And don't even start if you are an Asian. Tak kisah la Chinese or Malay or Indian. Macam social stigma pulak not being married. So whatever rock your boats.

Chuck episode 3 sudah habis didonlod! Boleh tengok. So end of rant. Eh, I thought there was more. *shrugs* Later.


Kasapsky said...

chill sis... haha rasa klakar pulak read this entry pagi2 subuh ni. huhu. Easy tips nak buang lemak senang je, no need ubat mahal2 just avoid consume rice, brunch with fruit je dgn roti cukup. Body lagi solid drp consume diet product ape lancau tu. (Dah try mmg menjadi dapat less 10kg per week haha but xlama cause i am hantu nasi....huhu sehari xdpt makan nasi xleh nak still alive)

iceroll said...

Rage!!!!! Tuh laa aku wonder, what with people and their marriage huh?? Aku seriously bosan bila org ckp, "kawin aje laa woi." What? Is it that easy to get married? Is it like,"Guys, I want to get married." and then, I just get married the next day? Is it a sin being a single? Kalo kawin tuh senang, dh lama aku kawin la woi. Lps tuh cakap, rugi oo ko tak rase nikmat kawin. What? Do you mean sex? What if I had sex but I don't want to get married? Even better, what if I had a threesome with a Japanese twins, had u hv sex with a Japanese twins before? Lps tuh dlm fb taruk laa gambo die dah kawin sbg profile pic, like telling the whole world, I'm freaking married you worthless loser! Lps tuh bila dh kawin, kene pressure pulak dgn org keliling utk dpt anak. Dpt anak, is a prove u are a real man or woman. Tak kisah laa kalo yg laki keje nye pukul bini, tak pedulik laa makan minum bini nih, yg penting bila kawin dpt anak utk buktikan kejantanan. Rage!!! Eh terase mcm blog aku lak. Hahaha. Blerghh dh lama aku sebenarnye nk blog psl bende nih tp kang ade yg terasa ati plak bile baca. Better keep it to myself.

iceroll said...

Eh lupa lak, how's Chuck? haha. Aku lupa lak nak dl. Mlm nnt baru ingat nak dl.

Dils said...

Yeah, I know. But the thing is, people rather eat those harmful stuff rather than limit their rice intakes. Macam agak tah hape2 jugak2. Bukan murah pon mende2 tu pon.

Hahahha... nasib la kalo single in their 30s. Eh ko dah 30 kan?

Obefiend Weiland said...

maried people are boring people

hahaha. yang dah kawin semua nak hang yang dah kawin je. pastu buat dinner dates. bah!

then why aku nak kawin. simple really.. it will come a time that all my single friends all join the cult. tamao jadi the last one


Dils said...

Hahha. I haven't met with any marrieds yang buat dinner dates. But that is probably I am lazy to socialize, so I am still socializing with my single friends and going out for slumber parties whenever I can. :P

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