Friday, January 08, 2010

The customary Friday rambles

Crimes in the neighbourhood.
Mom's house at JB got broken into, though thank God at least when it happened she was at KL with us. My uncle noticed the door is ajar and called my mom. My mom had gone back to JB with my brother to oversee and report to police. Because we don't have laptops or super sleek computers or LCD panel TV or barang kemas nor buttloads of cash stashed somewhere at home, the thief(s) took my mom watches, my brother Sunway Lagoon watches (itu pon nak amik. Syida belikan untuk Apo kan? ) and various coins left at the house. Mesti die rase rugi je pecah masuk. Padan muka hang, mintak2 lepas mencuri tu jatuh longkang or kena gigit dgn rabid dogs. (walaupon tadek dogs sgt kat BBU).

Bandar Baru Uda memang penuh dengan petty thieves. I blamed it on drugs addicts. Before this we had car light stolen (2 times I think), jeans stolen: countless time, house was broken into just before we moved in and right after barang2 sudah dihantar masuk, someone umpil the grill and took my brother wallet yang die letak tepi tingkap, tong sampah dicuri: countless time ( tho my mom blamed it on a crazy uncle who like to walk around with a tong sampah and she suspected that tong sampah was ours).

New house
My husband is being super rajin and had continue to cat the house after working hours. Aku? Aku sampai rumah pon pukul 8.30pm , tadek mood aku nak pandang cat. Hahaha (alasan....) I helped him out in painting the robok (almari to you non Johoreans) and katil white last weekend though. Very satisfied. Before this it was a hideous green. Kinda like mud green. Really hideous, I told you. I want to show you pics but I couldn't be arsed to find my camera and I haven't taken the after pics yet. So besok la kalo aku rajin aku upload.

Weekend plans
Don't really have any definite plans for the weekend. Need to clean up the house again though, sebab we had just about to finish painting the room and the pest control had just finished with the anai-anai problems. So semestinye rumah tu kembali kotor so kena mop 3 4 kali balik. Wuaaaaaa! Takpe. Treat it as exercise!!! Namun weekend ini walaupon my husband would disagree I would still love to hang out with my friends lorrr... Boleh kan?

Book: 5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
Oh, I had finished reading 5 Greatest Warriors. Matthew Reilly new book yang sequel to 6 Sacred Stones itu. Would be hard pressed to find it at local bookstores though since my husband ordered the book from Kinokuniya. I was like "Waahhhhhhhhh!" when I found out he had ordered the book.Aku yang avid reader ni pon tak kuasa nak order and even when Neil Gaiman had keluarkan buku "Graveyard Book" pon I waited until a warehouse sales to get it. Yes, I am cheap. But that is because I know collecting books can be quite expensive so bookstores chain had become a last resort for me to buy a book. I can wait out a storty(except Harry Potter because if I waited even a week I would be bombarded with spoilers left and right)

Anyway about the book. Pretty satisfying ending. More fast paced, though there is no such thing as character depth or development, but its a pretty good thriller book. I would not get bored reading it again.

Oh, I am thinking if I should go to the chocolate fair at Midvalley today. Macam menarik je kan. Nanti pegi usha la..

Update: Yes. Sudah membeli chocolates!

Not much imported chocolates. But there is a lot of locally made chocolates though. There is one booth of beautiful chocolates from Russia that I would love to buy, but its for display only. So sad, too bad. Anyway. Bought the above chocolates dalam RM10 per bar. It is less actually, the Lindt one is RM8, the Swiss one is RM9, the Tudor one is RM9 and the above yg 2 chocolate bar named Hezlique tu (I think its local) is RM10 for 2 bar. So ok lar tuh. Nyam2. Chocolates.


Anasfadilah said...

im craving for choclate cake at the moment la...mmm

pics pics pisc please...hehehehehe

kalau kena geget dgn rabid dogs kan bagus itu pencuri..jam sunway lagoon pun curik..memang kesian.

Dils said...

Ape lagi. Wiken ni buat la kek coklat!

Kalo sempat tomorrow or wiken ni I upload the pics.

Kasapsky said...

macam sedap je rasa Hazelnut tu. Ada rasa kelat2 tak? wink

Obefiend Weiland said...

BBU crime alley?

oh my what happened? that place use to be damn pleasent.. oh my JAYBEEE!!

btw.. cat rumah? rajin. i hate painting. it sucked

last but not least

envy.... how come u have so mant bukus to read. i went to MPH yesterday. read a few books and semua tak selera! GAH!! i need a new author to follow. i have been holding the LAST Clancy book coz if i beli that book and finished it nothing else to read dah! HAHAHA.

maybe i should try Crichton now. tapi kalau minat tak best gak coz he died edi and no more from him!!


dz said...

robok ke gobok,dila?aku panggil gobok..hahhaa

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Dils said...

Belom makan lagi. Dah makan nanti... tahu la. hahaha.

Even when I was in primary it there is a lot of petty crimes but nowadays its more rampant. More meleis beranak pinak to even more hampeh meleis kut.

Oh, and that is because you are a picky reader Effi! Well, try Crichton. At the very least, try Jurassic Park first.

Aku rase yg sbenarnye adalah 'gerobok', but ramai dah pendekkan pada 'gobok' or 'robok'

Thanks! That means a lot :)

Though I always thought I had more to say then than now.

Obefiend Weiland said...

lawak orang bukan johor tak tau robok


i will buy JP. saw it on sale along with Lost World. 2 for 30. then maybe kidnap Sphere. read the movie adaptation first.. ok ke?

Dils said...

I kinda hated Sphere. The book make me feel disoriented.

frH said...

rumah kau plak kene pecah .. aku sumpah org tu kene siplis (mcm kau sumpah aritu masa rumah aku kene pecah msk :P)

nasib baik org tu tak rembat buku2 fevret kau kan?

arghhh. coklat .. aku baru nak g mid weekend ni. ada lg x choc fair?

Dils said...

Kalo dah nama pencuri tu, tadeknye die rase buku tu berharga. Hihihi.

Coklat fair tu ade wiken lepas je. Skang ni yang ade Beauty Fair pulak.

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