Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home Improvement

I remembered I used to love watching Home Improvement. Back then Jonathan T. Thomas was the thing. I remembered when buying Smash Hits, there is always a poster of him at the middle of the page. I think I was guilty of putting up his poster too. Hehehe. Then I saw him again in Veronica Mars and he does not change at all. Masih katik sebegitu. Dan suara macam itik. Ah well, so weird on how your tween or teen heartthrobs then seems to be so alien to you now and when you looked at them again in your 20s you will be like "OMG-DID-I-USED-TO-LIKE-EM". Though I do like to state here and now, I was never ever enamored by Devon Sawa, RIP. ( I meant Jonathan Brandis actually. Terrible mistake. Got both mixed up, and no I am also not enamored by Jonathan Brandis. Sorry Devon Sawa! )

Okeh, sudah melalut ke mende lain.

Anyway, I told y'all we had paint the 'gerobok'/almari white. We also painted the katil white. There is a complete bedroom sets with bed, closet, side tables and dresser. Setakat ini, only these 2 we painted. So here are pics for proofs.

 The closet above is still in pristine condition and to throw away a perfectly working and quite big furniture is almost a sin. Apart from the color, I really do like the closet. It is big, spacious, and  have a separate wardrobe for my husband and I.  But we hated the color. Look at the color! I can't even describe it but  I just can't stand looking at it. Whenever I looked at it, I just feel like shuddering.

So we decided to paint it. At first I want red, but that would be too much and itshard too predict if it would come out nicely. The safest option is white. This is how it turned out.

Ignore the hideous mattress. We had not move in yet and have yet to put any sort of cover or cadar on it.

Now isn't that better. There are some imperfections, yes. But we are not looking for a trophy here. As long as the color is different and not too hideous I am satisfied.. I left the middle deco unpaint, but it looks kinda weird. At first I just wanna leave the leaf unpaint, but I can't draw A LINE straight even with the help of a ruler, so lets not get ahead with own self abilities aight.

So tengoklah if rajin, I or husband will cat again the deco itu white and touch up a few things here and there. We had ran out of white paint at the moment so it maybe a while.

Next project. Painting the meja makan pulak.

p/s: My husband had finished (almost) painting the living/dining area olive and yellow. Yes, weird combination. We had looked at the color wheels and palettes until almost nak muntah darah tengok all those different colors but I decided to just go with whatever color we like, so he picked one he like, I picked one I like. He asked me to take pics, but I forgot and malas la pulak. Nanti2 la.


Anasfadilah said...

ska la closet tu,memang warna putih namapk lagi menyerlah,macam english deco

lepas tu stencil dengan bunga ros..

lepas tu jadi kedai Vantage


Dils said...

Hahhaa. If it were you, I'll bet you will stencil and paint flowers on it. Tapi tangan aku ni keras sikit. Ikutkan hati mahu aje.


But yeah, the white looks good. Nampak lagi classic.

Obefiend Weiland said...

the decor is SOOOOOOOO you la dils

i always have this vision that u wanna built a real life anne of green gables punya house

sekali tengok perabut.. damn. mmg english cottage!!

love itzz

eyz said...

devon sawa RIP???

nice furnitures. hehee

Dils said...

Hahaha. Not really my choice there the furniture. Left by previous owners. Improved it to look like that tho.

Oh damn, you're right!

Mixed up the name with another tween actor heartthrob. Hahahaha. Kesian Devon Sawa. Next time, verified!

Will correct.

Kasapsky said...


Dils said...

Thank you, thank you.

iceroll said...

Weh! kepala katil tuh jgn kaler the bulat tuh! biarkan. lawa laa

Dils said...

hahaha. dari jauh mcm ok la. bile dekat sbb macam tak rata. macam blergh. Tengokla. Aku macam malas. Banyak mende nak kena cat / syelek lagi ni

Luxury Bedding said...

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Dils said...

Thanks spammers for copying and pasting the comment ;p

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