Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tok Mak

Tok Mak was what we called our only grandmother. Was is the word.

She passed away last Saturday on the 14th of July 2007. Around subuh. I only got back from JB yesterday.

It saddened me that we are not there to see her for the last time before she died. But I am glad anyway that I felt the urgency to go back to Johor Bahru last week and saw her for the last time. I knew she wanted to see the engagement pics so bad and I'm thankful that I came before it is too late.

It surprised me to see her so frail and thin when I saw her last time and even more so during her death. But it's great to know that she still manage to grab a bite of her favorite food.. goreng pisang, before she became too ill to down any solids.

What is to become of her old home I wonder? From what is being discussed by the elders, it is more sensible to sell it since the upkeep of an old house is getting too expensive. Sighing, the insensible part of me wishing it would not be let go, but it would be too depressing to see it go to ruins.

It is sad that she can't be there during my wedding day. I know how wedding preparations and gathering makes her happy. To see all the clans brought together.

Sigh.. Al Fatihah


obefiend said...

takziah to ur family..i still have one granma left and she was super happy during my sister's wedding.she end up staying with us for 2 days....

obefiend said...
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