Friday, July 27, 2007

of Potteria and that tiny little blonde

Yawn. You know. I should count on how many posts I started with Yawn. A lot. Maybe I don't need to count.

If anyone notice (which I think none), I usually blogged when I am bored, or sluggish or I felt obligated when seeing the dates on the latest entry did not change. The thing is ,sometimes when I'm walking, soaking in the surrounding environment or squashed in the LRT or driving and cursing the stupid drivers who is trying to ram you down since they don't use their obviously useless signal lights and sideview mirrors...and in my head, I then would have spew about 2 pages of blog posts all ready to be transformed to verbs, nouns, grammars and functional sentences.

Then when I plopped myself in front of the computer, all I have the energy to do is click around unenergetically reading on the drama inducing lives which are Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. See my problem here? My muse is probably one lazy bugger. Okay muse, I am kicking your arse to give me something to ramble about.

So the hoopla which is Harry Potter still continues. No.. I'm not gonna discuss about the books, for those who do, well... let's start it going on. Haha. Ehem. MPH, (Opps.. Borders was actually selling.. my mistake, someone told me that Saturday that Borders ain't selling), and the other 3 bookstores, ONLY NOW decide to sell it. Duh much?

Also it irritated me a bit that people around kept on bashing Harry Potter and his fans. Yeah, yeah... you are such a literary genius who only reads NY Times best critic lauded books.. yada yada. Shut up about it and leaves us to our phenomenon. My argument, this is one of the books that have the best dialogue ever amongst characters and of course children books had always been a favorite genre of mine. Hehe.. rant a lil bit. But its fine whatever people wants to put on their blog or thought about the book or the author.. (I don't think Dan Brown or Candice Bergen or Sidney Sheldon is that great of a writer too, but may I add and say I think Michael Crichton can all kick these writers ass). But the assumptions that Potter fans are a stupid lot (well to be fair.....some actually are based on how they are behaving.. but I am ranting on those who are over generalizing) and just like it because its the in thing... well.. that rattled me a bit. Ehem. So end my tiny rant here.

Okay... sooo I finally, finally, finally finished watching all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Woohooo and Phew! . The DvDs I bought before was actually lacking in half of the Season 2 episodes. Disgrace! Season 2 is great... because Angel is baad! So, fortunately when I went back to JB few weeks back I found a shop that have only Season 2 of Buffy. Bought and bag it. So I finished the remaining Season 2 episodes I didn't manage to watch before

It takes me a year to finish. It should take me less than that actually, but the last 3 season is dark and depressing. So it takes a bit of time to go through that. I actually had to alternate Sex and the City and Buffy a bit. But I am currently at... nah. I don't know which season of Sex and the City I'm watching now. Since sometimes I do found SaTC a bit crude, and for the antidote for such crudeness, I then changed my taste to savour the manly goodness that is known as Jensen Ackles by watching Supernatural.

Summary of Buffy. The best of Buffy is definitely the first four seasons. The last three, maybe because Michelle Trachtenberg is in it and she is such a brat, that it does kinda dragged a little. The only time I'm loving it is during the musical episode (that was one of the best Buffy eps) and when Buffy and Spike together. I am a Buffy and Spike shippers so just shut up about Angel. I do like Angel when he is with Cordelia. (Now I sound like some hormonal teen-craze Joss Whedon fans)

With no more Buffy to watch and Angel series just itching to be watched, I'd been contemplating if I should order the Buffy comics; Season 8 (so called), The Long Way Home Issue 1 - 4 (I believe the Issue 5 had also now been published, but different title), since I can't find it in Malaysia or Singapore. Those who do know if it is available somewhere in Malaysia, do tell.

Hah. I am rambling. Okay, to quote evil Willow.. "Bored now."... actually more like "Major headache now" thus forced me to quote a once my favorite deejay radio in Singapore "I'm ghost."


obefiend said...

yup i think u did point out that u blog when you are bored. so i guess hollows pretty much occupied your time the past week or so eh? i am still stuck on page 108.. why so slow?

i like it slow. why gopoh. plus no more books to read after hollows so im enjoying every verbs and nouns.sayang nak habiskan!

Dila said...

huhu.. i like to gobble a book up. Then of course if I read it the 2nd or 3rd time around, i'll take my time about it. Heh..

Oh... yeah. bored now. Been looking for another book.

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