Sunday, July 01, 2007

That Empty Spot

I was blogging about my trip to Vietnam earlier. But there are some things that are left unfinished. So it is still in draft state. No worries.

Anyway.. I am feeling a tad bit melancholy. And a whole lot of sleepy. Being sleepy can usually make me melancholy. And why should I be melancholy and sleepy..., well.. this is because my big sister, the eldest had just gone to Qatar with her husband and daughter, yesterday morning. Embarking on a new life as expats at a UAE country.

My sister had been a big part of my life these past few years. Backing me off financially (thihihi, eh some part je taw!), travel-wise (gi sana sini ikut akak...) and a bit of emotional support (Gahh.. the callous part in me, hate the word emotion). Not to mention that my niece is usually the source of entertainment when computer games felt bland, TVs are boring and there is nothing to do. (Jentik2 3 year old is fun !).

It's a bit sad to see the empty bedroom, the house isn't littered with toys, and the absence of a shrill little voice. Sigh.. Not to mention I won't be able to borrow my sister's clothes anymore. My clothes amount had diminished! Its gonna take a while to get use to NOT see my sister bustling around the house picking up things and cookings and the mini me careening everywhere with her little stroller and begging me to go and buy 'goreng pisang'.

Oh well.. at least I still have another sister at home. And probably would be able to travel to Egypt very soon with the whole family or at the very least Doha itself. Yeay.. ! (If I am not broke )

p/s: Hoh.. bau nasi goreng kampung dalam ofis.. Ni yg lapa ni wehh...


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh.... feeling maternal are ye?

obefiend said...

sounds like it! HAHA

Dila said...

sheeshh.. guys..

ade kah rindukan famili sendri pon maternal instinct dtg ka? soo not.

praps you're thinking about maternal instinct cause you are bombarded with paternal one eh, taqi?

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