Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Questions and bafflement

Thanks to Jannah for introducing me.. I just bought the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman from Kino. But unlike her.. I don't want to pay yet a lot for this author's work. So I bought a quite cheap paperback version. Seeing its cheap.. why not eh. Lemme see if I could get myself hook too. So more thoughts on the book later... after like I had read it. Haha.. Or seen the movie.

Speaking of movie. I just got back from seeing the movie The Invisible.

I seen the trailer. And I like the trailer. And.. I think I like just the trailer. That's all there is to it. What's more.. the trailer kinda spoil the movie. I can just comfortably tell you the whole story since everything happens, the surprises, the whole thing were compacted to the trailer.Dang trailer! Lulling us to believe that there is more to this story..a lots more to be told..

The movie is about this guy Nick who is a bit dark and like writing poem, wanting to become a writer (ain't we all..). He had a run in with this girl, who is like really bad news. Long story short, she kinda killed him and dump his body somewhere on the woods. His spirit or whatever.. roaming around the place watching other people trying to find him. But the twist here.. (it should had been a twist if the trailer hadn't become a spoiler),is that he's actually not really dead; just at the brink of death. And he found out.. only that girl.. that girl who nearly killed him is the only one who can hear him and so he have to haunt her to let her know that he is still alive and please please save his sorry ass.

So that's the story. And not a minute when I watched would I believe that he won't survive this ordeal.

I read a review last week stating that this movie would be ok if the script wouldn't try to inject some character development in it. I hate to agree with any reviewer, but I do agree with whatever his/her opinion. But I don't agree that they should completely forget about character development, but flesh it out a little and tells us what the hell's is wrong with all these characters and what's make em tick and do things. When the credits rolled after the last scene.. my head popped a "Huh?"

Its like the scriptwriter have this brilliant idea.The he proposed the idea to whoever would agree to make this movie. Then after writing in all the characters traits and introduction, its as if he was tired and just completely forgot about them. I don't know what's actually gone wrong with this scriptwriter life at the moment he was writing this movie, but it just feel like the story have a long beginning and a rash ending.

All in all, its not really bad. The acting was not bad. Justin Chatwin (the lead role, Nick) is cute and showed some depth in showing Nick. The actress... I'm not too sure. Kinda one dimensional. One angry chick, and suddenly become this chick wracking with guilt. Looks like a young Amy Brenneman. The soundtrack is great though. I'll be listening back on the songs to see if its .. my type.


Tenno Miyake said...

hi there..

u're quite a book freak eh. i wonder la actually when u guys have the time.

i have 6 photography book and till now i haven't finish even to go through them as I don't have the time.

envy u!

Dila said...

Heh.. I read pretty much everywhere, anywhere, anytime. In between advertisement, before sleeping, just waking up during the hols, eating, waiting for the LRT.

P'raps because I don't read those big big hard cover book kut that make it easier..

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