Saturday, July 21, 2007

I got the book

Yeay... I had bought the final installment of Harry Potter. It is now sitting beside me at my workstation gleaming, tantalizing... I can smell the papers from here. Oh... the ecstasy!

MPH, Borders, Times and Popular ain't selling. I was going to buy it at MPH at first since it is on my way to work and I want to get the RM10 voucher (I didn't pre booked since I was flat broke for 2 months). But then, with the protest against Carrefour and Tesco for selling the book at a very, very, low price at RM69.90 had then forced me to buy at Carrefour.

I meant of course I think its kinda not fair of em to sell at RM69.90, and if MPH chose to sell the books, I would had bought it from MPH, since I kinda weird like that. But the next nearest available point for me to buy is at Carrefour. And between the choice of no book and a book to read before everyone inundated me with spoilers, I bought the book at Carrefour. (And yes.. the miserly part of me, is kinda happy that I bought it at a very cheap price).

I had only started a few pages, since I freaking have to work today, but the sight of it soothes me and my lips keep on quirking to turn into a smile. Now... not anyone nor anything can make me feel like that eh..

Happy reading y'all. I won't inundated you guys with spoilers this time nor you guys should inundated to anyone else who had not read it. I promise..

I finished it! I surprised myself on how quickly I finished it. Is this the longest book? I don't think it takes me that less of a time.

How was it? Nah... I won't review it this time. But I can't wait for it to be make to a movie. And really.... you really need to refresh your memory again by reading the Half Blood Prince. Damn. I am now itching to read the Half Blood Prince again. My brother kidnapped it to ITM. Penat cari high and low, rupanye kat my brother who before this never read any book. LOL.

I am now brooding.. cause there's no more Harry Potter tales to come.

p/s: gile malas nk buat new post, since I won't review or talk or discuss about it... so I know I don't have much to say.

p/s 2: I am REALLY disappointed in HP and HP and the Order of Phoenix movie, that they didn't put the scene of the lots goin to St Mungo's. The scene where Harry, Ron, Hermione found Neville's family and his awkwardness in meeting them is one of my favoritest (is there such a word.. ) and nearly brought me to tears everytime I read it. High pity, they didn't manage to squeeze it in.

Not the best of the movie franchise, but watching Imelda Staunton is joy indeed. And I have to some of the scenes are marvellous and well acted.

Lovin Neville to bits!


obefiend said...


the way i see it mph took the wrong decision. by not selling the book yesterday they only make carrefour happy. now evrybody flocking to the book isle ( between the coke and diaper isle by the way !) to grab some HP!

i read some good review regarding the book. iprolly gonna get it when the paperback comes out. im not fond of hardbacks. so in the meantime have to stay away from any potter realted sites!

all together now!


Dila said...

Yups. They did make a wrong decision. The one that suffers is the fans. Tak sume tmpt ade Carrefour and Tesco.

Its not fair, but they should know its completely legal.

Heh.. I avoid the review to avoid any teensy spoiler. You really need to close off your ears. Some people are plain cruel. Hoho.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

dangit that was fast. i just managed to finish it just now.

Dila said...

Speed reading is one of my forte..

Thehe.. unfortch it doesn't seems to work with academic textbooks..

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