Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yeah.. I always have problem coming up with witty blog title. So let's get on with this week post eh.. which is .. zilch. Nothing I can come up with. What to do.. so its time for some ramblings.. yeay!

Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz (our tokoh agama as what Utusan hailed him as) had recently made a suggestion on women wearing chastity belts. Huh. Issues on what women should be wearing which had been debated; I should say over centuries in our distinguished Dewan by our fellow educated men of our country calling themselves politician, is really getting quite tiring really. And this chastity belts business is ludicrous. He is now saying his statement is a joke. Probably.. then he should polish and prepare on his speech more before making a public statement as that. Chastity belt should never be taken into consideration despite what argument you want to throw in.

RTM wanting to ban fast food advertisement on TV now. No fears.. I guess. If all TVs station wanting to take up this approach, I am sure their market will then goes to Cinema next. Cinema is where all banned advertisement are. But TVs station depends heavily on advertisement to pay off their staffs. You gotta admit, you will sell McDs without guilt to school kids if it will make you a millionaire.

Britney had now checked herself again into rehab for the 3rd time. Thiihee. The rehab is like a resort where the room with beach view, masseuse and delicious food. I don't call that rehab. I call it vacation time. So yeah.. maybe you spend like 2 hours talking on how your mom, dad, uncles abuse you and the world is out to get you. But the rest suntanning, getting massage, beaching.. Nope. Rehab sound even better than vacation. In vacation you are expected to be happy and plastered a smile even though you feel like crap. Rehab is nicer where you can be bitchy to everybody and everybody accept it as part of the healing process and you get all this vacation resort activities going on as well. I say kewlness and wonders why they don't prolong it to a year instead of just a month..

Shonda Rimes is on the work to create a spin off from Greys Anatomy starring Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs. I heart Kate Walsh. I have my doubts on Taye Diggs since everything he starred in seems to crash and burn. Wonder on how they would make it work.. Does it involve Kate Walsh going back to New York and heading the gynae department? Taye Diggs is the man feeling sore since he should be getting it but have to have woman and newcomer? Will it involved Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs getting all lovey dovey.. (somehow.. it doesn't seems to look chemistry aplomb). Will they bring existing casts into that show; Eric Dane (Ooohh lets lets..), Isaiah Washington..( hermmm.. he's good on the show, but they seems to be much animosity from other cast towards him regarding the 'f' word). Another new series to download watch! If it makes it through the pilot.

Hurmph. On other non related to any other thing news. My head hurts. Gahh. So I am gonna end this pointless entry much... whee~~ its the weekends people!! Time to party. Be jolly. And those going to Muse concert.. no thanks. I don't want to hear the aftermath of the sound fest. Sobs. Have fun~ I will spend mine contemplating ways on world domination. After I finish spreading seeds of destruction around the world... which will end around 8.30pm tonight.


cleo weiland said...

The first paragraph made you sound as if you were suffering from a severe mental block. But as I scrolled down, I found what seems to be a compact version of my entertainment magazine! Yeaay~

Chastity belt? Seriously, are we still in the middle ages? I was just as miffed as you were on that one Dils.

And Brits back on rehab? Just knowing you have a licence to be bitchy makes me wanna check myself in! Ahaha.

Now excuse me while I fake depression and suicidal thoughts.

mangifera said...


chastity belt, no? otherwise, dress menutup aurat. stop pornography. and all people need to behave themself. and then, we need no chastity belt.

if you don't want it, it's your choice. if you get rape, it's your problem, not mine. if you willing to submit yourself to random sex, it's none of my business. people are for themselves. they don't like us to take care of them.

i wonder why men nowadays became so cold.

ban commercial on fast food? let them be. they want to let malaysian economics suffered. banning commercial on fast food won't helping people to "graduate" people from fast food either. you wonder why pornography grows rapidly, ask people who banning it. rules are meant to be broken.

i love grey's anatomy but i just can't stand too much drama in it. it's just like desperate housewives meet ER kind of drama. i love house more. it's profoundly beautiful in sarcastic way.

get some sleep dils.

Jannah said...

Dils, Muse was amazing. Tu je nak cakap.

As for the chastity belt, who would hold the key? The parents or the girl? And wouldn't it be an inconvenience when we're having our period and the metal would dislocate the sanitary napkin? Takkan nak pakai tampon, defeat the purpose of the chastity belt innit?

Dila said...

Haha.. yeah. Chastity belt.. it made me think of horror and torture and dungeons..

Depression is the new black. But I do hope Brit-Brit getting bald would not be the latest it thing.

Huhuhu.. I seriously abhor the thought of chastity belt since it is actually more on torture and punishment.

Pasal menutup aurat tu.. well.. the leader do have they right to ask the women to wear decently, but the women should also have a say. That is my opinion.. but I don't want to say further on that.

but betul.. on the fast food thingies.. it would make it even more tempting to go out and take it. Forbidden fruit are always so tempting..

Greys Anatomy is girls flick. heheh.. It does annoyed me that does everyone of the intern need to have sex or fall for their attendee.. I don't fall for my tutor that easily whut.. But its great to watch and most of the casts are HAWT.

Sad.. sad.. I know it would be amazing.. thats ok. Saving my money on bigger things. Huhu..

As my above opinion on chastity belt. Eii.. Kalo die org memang ade suggestion tu kan.. I would also suggest guys who rape and molest should also wear chastity belt and the key would be hold by their parole officer. Hahahaha

obefiend said...

there should be a chastity SOCK. ehhehe.... then it will be pair. both sex being "contained"

btw.. banning MCD.. like that's gonna help. i mean. im addicted to those crap food. but do i fast food is da bomb!

and lastly.. brits doin it for [ublicity. if paris can become famous coz of homemade porn.. why cant brit become famous for pleading insanity

Dila said...

Chastity sock.. haha.. yeah.. they should come in pair. The men wanting women wear em, must wear too. Hurray!

Huhu.. even though banning would not work. I do have to agree that people need to limit fast food intake. I found by limiting my fast food, I don't put on the pounds as much. *sigh* things that are not good taste soo goood.

Such a drastic step for publicity. But since she got like not much anything to bring to the public anymore, it can be a very bad publicity stunt. But being baldy. Even when I was in my tomboyish state and one of my friend wants to fork out RM100 if I would go bald, I couldn't bring myself to it.

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