Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Before this.. in my mind, I had write and rewrote again and again on what I want to say. How hurt I had been for the past few years. How dissapointment is only what I felt (okay.. that is not totally his fault). How foolish I had acted. What an idiot I had been. How all these are oblivious to... whomever.

But really la.. I just couldn't pour my heart out here again. But ooopss.. I think I just did. Haha. Whatevs. My bloggie.

Thinking hard about this while feeling like a moron, I just.. well to be honest, I can't do this anymore. So I am just gonna write crap. Bear with me, or you can just skip this and click on all those nice links I posted on the left.

Like Bridget Jones who manage to give up Daniel due to her ever supportive slightly mad friends (and of course Mark Darcy.. but he doesnt count.. I am not gonna include him), you know what.. those who are feeling like shit because they are in/out of love should have somewhat like that.Kinda like Alcoholic Anonymous, but more like Men Basher? Love Sucks Anonymous? Not everyone have supportive friends. (Ok.. my friends are supportive.. but everyone.. come, agree. You can't tell everything to your friends.)So those who have supportive friends or chose not to divulge their problems, should have something and have a solid support system.

Okay. Its not much of logo. Do I look like someone who gives a crap and will pore over this lovingly?

We should have Rules... for ourselves

The Rules

Rule no. 1. Thou shalt not call him... sms/leave voicemail. (Missed call also kira ok)

Rule no. 2. If thou feel like thou should, hurl phone (for the rich) or hide phone away. Run/dance/spring clean room for 2 hours. Then take phone again.

Rule no. 3. If thou are very much so tempted to call or sms him. Tape a sticky note ala Bridget Jones " Do not call (put jerk name down). If you do, you are a MORON"

Rule no. 4. No sappy movies. Ever. For 3 years minimum.

Rule no. 5. Thou shalt have fun and go out with friends.

Rule no. 6. Thou shant go out on dates. They tend to end horribly and thou felt by the end of the day of going back to that person. For minimum.... rest of your life? Kidding.

We should have support system...

Pillar of Support

1. Mantra like: " I am a beautiful successful businesswoman" Ops. Wrong motivation. "Aloof. Unavailable. Ice Queen". "Aloof. Unavailable. Ice Queen". Chant this until you feel like you're lonely, lonely person that even your pet don't love you.

2. Chatroom/group meeting strictly for bashing. People tend to want to pour out their own problems and not hear others problems. Another set of rules. 1 meeting/1 night or 1 hour, 1 bashing allowed. Other support. Your turn will come.

3. No self destructive behavior is allowed. So group activities need to turn to other things. Constructive things like physical exercises. Preferably kickboxing or archery where your ex photo or portrait can be pinned in the middle to be abuse at.

4. Those who manage to be in love must pulled out of group quickly as so not to bring more devastation to other group members when you came to your meeting with eyes aglow, head in clouds telling all of your wonderful dates. This is also for safety reason since insane group members may pelt you with eggs.

5. Progression should be noted. As what many drug, gambling, and alcohol abusers have this thing. "I had been sober for 3 days". (you know what.. I kinda like sober.. its the thing.. its sobering. Not love. Sensible. No foolishness).
"I had not called (put whose name or any profanities you wish) for 10 days." From call, we would proceed to IM, then we would proceed to thoughts.

Its a highly complex system ok.. this need more thinking out. Hurmph.


obefiend said...

the logo looks cool. should make a t shirt out of it.conveys the feeling of the artist and the subsequent "kelegaan"

blogs are a good place for support too. hang in there. maybe need to watch violent movies where men get slaughtered like its Bosnia and Auswich. i recommend HOSTEL. horny blokes get their just deserve.

Pillars of support no 6.. just a suggestion

6. nyanyi lagu metal!that work for me! metallicaaa GAH GAH

Jannah said...

Babe where nak sign up?

And yeah I broke Rule no. 1. Thou shalt not call him... sms/leave voicemail. (Missed call also kira ok)

But I found myself unable to let go. That this (insert profanity) person has shown me that I am capable of loving someone not because of his nether region. It's never really about the flesh or physical release. It's more than that. And I thank him for that.

Keep on going strong baby!

Dila said...

I actually had this really kewl idea of a logo where there is a heart with a cigarrete burns and the ciggie is being tonyoh2 right at the middle.

Got the idea? But I can't draw so that's my best effort. LOL.

Dont't know about heavy metal, it does not forget, but make me angry. Let's just say sometimes, its hard hearing any music. That's why I deleted some folders of my mp3 collection.......

I did hear Hostel movie was pretty gruesome and suitable for those who feel special vindictiveness for men. heh.

Agreed about blog. its kinda like a forum where you can spam all you like and there is no Mods after you.


hello. Welcome to the club.

Ah... going through the few months of hell is it? Where it rained with tears and self loathing or him loathing. Know the feeling.

Its not really that hard for me for the no. 1 rule though, since if I call or sms, I got such chilling response.

Hence the mantra: "Aloof, unavailable, ice queen". Helps, a lot.

I guess there is an upside, where it shows we can love.

But I don't think so I can go through those years of waiting, tears and short moments of joy again.

So to you.. be strong to. And don't call or sms. Really. Heh.

Jannah said...

Baiklah High Priestess of the Cigarette Burn Heart Movement. Will try my best not to think about the love too much.

He's a good friend. Rather have him as one than not to have him at all in my life.

Try lagu Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. Sangat cool untuk jerit jerit :)

mangifera said...

love affair lagi? we talk bout it but we never could conclude it, rite?

how do i make myself forget bout her? hrmm..frankly, i never could forget her. but make it neutral again, it's pretty challenging. but i guess my nature help me a lot. i pretty much easy to move on. i easily felt in love. as simple as that. so, it's just pretty easy to being neutral back.

flirting a bit and you realize how easy to get rid of that feeling. love is like drug, you shouldn't stop taking it, just switch your preference. instead of marijuana, go for ice or ecstasy. rebound relationship pretty much helping.

having scandal (boyfriend but no string attached) pretty cool. it's more like i scratch your back, you scratch mine. in between of love and friend. pretty gray area. :P. quite dangerous if any one of you felt in love. so, strong will. help alot in coping with love problem. or not...

my 2 cent idea.

Dila said...

Hee. I love Vindicated. I just thought of lovely nerdy Tobey Maguire. Kirsten Dunst is such a fool. ehem..

But.. the one that is the friend is the hardest eh.


Flirting and being wit someone.. does somewhat lessened it. But before I read your comment.. hehe.. I ade terpikir jugak.. that sometimes.. it just doesnt work. That its quite hard to find that right person to date pon. Casually. Well.. probably Im gonna explain it on my next or tah bile post.

Hahaha. Love. Its a neverending story. Hollywood and Bollywood thrived on it.

Oh well.. at least it is only a feeling. Right, ...?

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