Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A bookworm who is a shopaholic

Yawn. My 4 day holiday was interrupted with a request for OT which I did.. Nothing biggie there. A bit tired though. I am constantly rase mengantuk. Hurmph.

Sorry.. a bit distracted now. I am currently hearing Greys Anatomy podcast. Haha. I kinda like reading the writers blog and the podcast. Many people are interested on why does this character do this. So a glimpse into the writers mind, its really cool and I am one of those Grey's fan who just can't get enough. Oooohhh... I heard the next episode is gonna be big! (Must not read spoiler... must not read spoiler/ episode review before watching the show)

Went to KLCC ..just for fun? Heh. Yeah.. Shopping and ooohh.. also to eat at Yoshinoya. But I didn't buy the shoes.. or did my hair. Argh.. why why.. I don't know. Had a wonderful idea of just window shopping which of course.. turn to shopping when I went to Kinokuniya.

My first stop is always at the junior reader. Heh. I collect those L.M Montgomery books. So I am always in a lookout if they had stock a new one. And they did! The price tag had been ripped off though, so I spent considerable amount of time at the counter before the cashier are able to locate the price.

So... I thought.. Why end my journey now? Might as well goes to my favorite sections which featured all those new books. Then I saw it... Sophie Kinsella spanking brand new release book. Shopaholic and Baby. OMG. I really got to have that. Turn the book around and saw : RM69.90. You gotta be kidding me.

I was in a really dilemma... I only spent a fortune for Harry Potter books (which is because I do not like people spoiling the story for me). I usually hesitate to spend more than Rm40 for any books, always preferring to purchase 2nd hand book. Even with the discount 20% (the LM Montgomery book entitled me to get the discount) , it still cost more than RM50. I even called several people and walk up and down the aisle, to slow my beating heart and think clearly. Hahah.

But then my eyes caught on another title of a book which I had been looking for which are Catherine Alliott, The Old Girl Network. Which have 20% offer and its price are much much cheaper than the usual batch of book in Kinokuniya. So I grabbed the book and paid. Hah!

See, I can huff and puff and torture myself on one thing. Then I can quickly make up my mind and take that other options instead. Hehe.. I guess I just have to wait until they release a smaller version of the Shopaholic and Baby as so I can purchase the book with a reasonable price.

So I am a proud owner of 2 books and my tower of books are currently trembling due to its ever increasing height. I am seriously in need of a bookcase or.. I need to sell my other boring never want to see again books to some places.

p/s: I found that I preferred UK authors compared to US authors. UK authors.. are more fun. My sister agreed and said that they paint the pictures as close to reality as possible.


Jannah said...

Books. I got a problem with my collection. Being a typical taurus I had brought almost all my books to UUM, just for the sake of having them with me because they are all mine demmit.

So in July gonna start the new semester in Penang. And so have to start hauling them boxes back home bit by bit.

Don't you just love the smell of a new book? Second hands one have this sense of mystery to them, like you wonder where they have been before they entered your life.

Happy reading and July 21 the final Potter book is coming out. Jom kita beratur depan kino pepagi buta?

obefiend said...

towering books? wow. in envy. oh well this is why i dont like going to bookshops that often these days. i basically grab any books that i like resulting in major deficit of funding for that month.

like most book-a-holics, i rather not eat than not having a good book in me hands on a monthly basis


who LM Montgomery. any good?

Dila said...

Haha. Yeah. First hand book is lovely. I mainly like the glossy cover and untouch pages.

Definitely waiting for Harry Potter. But.. I don't think that Malaysia have that phenomena where the books will be sold out. Unless those who lined up to get the REALLY early bird special. (10% off is it)

Heh.. Not sure about the not eating part. But I will feel definitely amiss if I do not have an unread book in my house. So if I had finished my book or almost finishing, my mind would go awandering all the time thinking "Its time, its time, its time to get a new book".

LM Montgomery = Lucy Maud Montgomery. A Canadian writer famed for writing Anne of Green Gables. ( I kinda love children books)Most of her stories are lovely and what I would like my children to read one day.

Hence the collection. *tsk* not yet 25 but maternal instinct had kicked in.

Jannah said...

Dils, heard from a dude Borders usually offers good potongan harga for Potter books. Have to go check it out :)

Dila said...

Got to agree that Borders does have better offers. I bought the last Harry Potter in Borders. It was cheaper about less rm10 compare to other shops (MPH, Times, Kinokuniya... I checked.. hehe).

It gots really great offers on some of the popular books too.

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