Friday, February 09, 2007


Its time again to blog! I suddenly am arrested with all these free time at work. Hahaha. Actually... there's not much to do unless some servers somewhere in America decided to throw a hissy fit to torment the life out of us.

Okay. Let's story ok. What to say.. what to say. Ah yes. In regards to Dueng earlier comment regarding dating random guys to take your mind off the pain and hopefully find joy in flirting.

Sigh. Well.. the thing is.. as I had said earlier long ago in some post , I don't find such joy in it now especially after starting working. Its nice dating when in UTP when guys are in abundance and you know exactly where your type are at the campus. Of course those MiRC UTP network things helped considerably.

When you are plonked to the real world, where guys are REALLY expected to pay for their date (and no excuses on scholar tak masuk lagi ok..), it seems like to my eyes, the male species had somehow are in the brink of extinction.

Tell me exactly where the guys are? Office? I don't fancy office romance and seeing the same face for 12 hours 15 days a month surely just bring me icky feeling if anyone started to flirt. Macam flirt with your closest cousin. Thats how icky it felt. Gym? Those hunky guys are only interested in seeing how their biceps grow. Also Leotard and Leggings don't exactly bring me out in the best light. Anywhere else which is not awkward???

Which we would then focus our attention to any random guys we see scattered across KL or JB. I remembered there was this short warty bald guy smiling at me (dress like a guy who's preparing to enter a dangdut club) and inching towards me closer when I was hearing some jazz performance at a shopping complex. Horrified and terrified, I fled to a safe corner somewhere on earth when he began to open his mouth to speak to me. Ahh.. not to mention the lovely phone number slipped by children aged 10 or 8 or 6 saying " Abang tu suh saye kasik kat akak. Abang tu haa, yang kaver muka dengan kertas tu.". Yeah, that guy who look like a stick figure poster type for mat rempit.

Sigh again. I don't exactly attracted attention of the confident tall, dark and handsome type of lad.

And let's not forget the winner of all weird come-on encounter that I had, (weird, I think I had already told on the most freakiest and desperate).

Happened a year ago kut.. tak ingat sangat la the timing. But it was during the fasting month. I was due to go back to JB that day and take a half day off work. So before heading toward the bus stop, I went window shopping in KLCC since I saw that there is aplenty of time to burn. Who knows if I would be lucky enough to get a great bargain for Hari Raya Shopping aight?

Few steps toward Vincci, I was stopped by a guy looking like here just stepped from an Ali Setan costume party.

(Most conversation would be translated to English.. real conversation was in mix Malay and English)

"Hai.. sorry la ye. But I want to ask you something". I stopped dead in my track and glanced at his 80s hairdo and horrible print shirt, several buttons were un-did to create that glamorous John Travolta look, which only were sensational when he was in his 20s and girls have Farah Fawcett hair.

I nodded slightly and he continued.

" May I know if you are the sister of (random dude name I obviously don't care to hear since I don't have an elder brother)?. Your name is (whatever name la kan he concocted) kan?"

I replied while smiling "Erm no. I don't have an elder brother. You've got the wrong person. Sorry ,"
Okay. I was being polite and answering nicely and smiled and hoped he would get out my sight. That's not to be..

"Oh ok. Its just that you look just like her," Trying not to roll my eyes in hearing those overly familiar words on how I look like someone friends/sister/cousin/teacher/ex gf/fiancee, I smiled again, albeit tightly. Probably he thinks its his cue to continue.

" I was wanting to get to know her you know.. I had went to his home several time and noticed his sister. Her brother and I were in good friends but we somehow lost contact with each other...." He droned on and on.

" I also asked you regarding him since I need to contact him soon, regarding some... (he drones again.......), you see I am a pilot trainee with MAS and we have a function here at KLCC tonight... (why is he telling me this.... and why I am being so polite to hear this crap out..)... so I would really like to meet with him.,"

Huh. Didn't he heard me earlier saying I am not that dude sister.

" I am sorry, but I don't know him," I said again and walked a few steps toward the escalator. My mood for Vincci had obviously been killed.

He catches up and said,

" Yes. Sorry. But you see.. I err.. Can I get to know you then and be your friend? " . I was momentarily struck dumb at the moment at this unwelcome question, and racking my brain to see a way out in a nicest possible way.

Which then I realized that he is now standing beside me.. prattling about ..whatever... (this guy surely can talk), obviously wanting to follow me around.

He then offered, " It would be nice if you could accompany me in KLCC today since seeing I am with no one and you are with no one, so we can get to know each other...". Arghh. This is not happening. I refused weakly, but he continue to persuade us to be all nice, friendly together-together walking around KLCC and showed him around as if he had known me for years.

I then wildly come up with an idea.. saying, "Sorry. I don't think so I have the energy to show you around KLCC. I just want to grab a couple of things before catching my bus to go back to my hometown. ," I began to walk away.

The guy can really think fast and quickly he is by my side again., " Then don't worry. I can just accompany you to the shops and then I will accompany you to your bus too," What? Can't he see that blatant hint I gave him about us not spending time together.

I refused again and I can see him looking wildly around and seeing Dome, he then asked,

" Erm.. what about if we sit there and we can have a conversation, you know getting to know each other,"

I slowly said, "Well... I don't think so Dome would allow us to just sit there and talked. Usually people would need to do order at least a drink,"

He looked confused for a moment and said.."But.. surely they would not mind if we just sat there to talk. I meant its not like we are doing anything wrong and it is located outside facing the park."

Sighed. This is like explaining ABC. " I am not sure if they would chased out people. However, if people just sat there to talk and not ordering anything, surely they would not be pleased in renting out those space outside. So I don't think so we can just sit there,"

Flustered for a moment, he tried on another reason seeing I am about to walk away, " Wait.. erm.. well then we can come in and then I'll buy something like burger or sandwich to go. You can then eat it as berbuka puasa nanti . Don't worry, I'll pay," Argh... why arr. I hate it when guys said "I'll pay". What? Is it such a big deal that you pay haa.

I take a deep breath. This called for some blunt truth.

"I am sorry. But the thing is, I don't feel the need of a company. And what I really want at this time is some alone time since I quite enjoyed walking around alone.". There! Its not so hard to be blunt.Ape la Dila kan..

He looked crestfallen for a moment. Then he apologized profusely and says something like..

" I understand that you must had feel not comfortable. In order for me to show you that I do not meant any harm, you will just stay here and you should be able to see me goes away. I swear that you would not bumped into me during your time in KLCC today. I would stay away from you..."

What can I say to that? "........."

So down he went the escalator and I was rooted to the spot thinking on the idiocy of this situation.

Now... eh.. tadek konklusi. So what do we learn from the above? Either remotely normal guys are not attracted to me or I am a freak magnet. And meeting other new guys (not touching on the subject of dating lagi pon), is a pain.


Unta@Jitra said...

Hahaha demm funny laa kes ko dils... freak magnet? dont say that... cume nasib ko xbaper baik je tu... wrong place :D

Well, maybe he was from the past via a time machine... maybe dats how 80's people like to 'ayat'... hahaha

Take care next time, go join kickboxing... u can use it when words are just not enough

taqiyuddin bakir said...

Maybe dewasa ini, only the freaks and the mat rempitans have self confidence. The normal guys are cowardly and would prefer to spend time walking through the KLCC alone rather than be seen as freakish mat rempitans so desperate to get laid.

So next time you see a cute hunk walking through klcc alone, tegor him and ajak him to lepak lepak kat dome.

Dila said...

haha.. ok. maybe not freak magnet anymore... what about non-magnet. Theehee.

I think the formula here is looking pissy when a stranger suddenly tego u kut. Then whatever ayat, sure mati punye.

Why taqi... then if I do that.. somewhere in Cyberspace some random cute dude will post on his blog on this weird chick that asked him to accompany her lepak2 at KLCC and cafes.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

At least the weird chick has got a good fashion sense.

Jannah said...

Dils, sangat takut baca that KLCC story, the 80s dude sounded psychotic. Going on and on and on when obviously you weren't interested. Thank God he didn't jump you outside afterwards.

There's this one time I was in line buying a ticket to go see The Prestige for the second time, alone on my own as usual, when this dude started to talk to me and suggested we watch a movie together. I'm like I wanna watch this other movie okay, this one gonna start in five minutes. He wanted to watch some gore horror.
Then he asked for my phone number and I said I don't own a phone. I forgot that earlier I did whip my phone out to check the time. I was that close into going or well what the heck lets watch the gore horror, at least I won't be alone. Maybe it's the same 80s guy as yours were. Oh the weirdness of being single. Long live the Cigarette Burn Club!

obefiend said...

unfortunately sleeze bags are the one with the biggest cajones.that means only sweaty rempits will ever muster the courage to approch a lady. i find it queeralicious that these scums are the one pulling the tudung and hot looking chicks. why? why in god's name will u dilute ur nice genes with oil and insect parts?

floral prints? probably the same species as guys who dresses to certain decade in music history. some goes for rock kapak, grunge, emo and maybe OI. he probably looks freeky coz he is not artsy enough. WHAHAHAHA

ok ok

im just giving excuse to fashionless sucms like me. in case u wanna know im the forever grunge truckstop heart throb wannabee. wahahaha......hahahaha.......

so anyway

good luck finding. its somewhere. maybe lurking in the comic or world history section in Kino.

pity the nerds!

Dila said...

Ah well.. can't say its not true. Hahaha

Hahah.. pity us who like to be loner roaming around shopping complex

I think your guy who suggested in watching movie together is even more scary. Eiii.. ape la die nak buat gelap2 tu. Hahaha..

You know what. I think you're right. Only this type of guys would have the biggest cajones.

That's why they are so comfortable in their horrendous clothes? Eikk.. so goes for the low confidence guy instead? Hahah

Where is the world section huh?

p/s: Comic section are filled with awkward teenagers. Some are handsome teenagers... but teenagers nonetheless. Don't think want to recreate Notes of a Scandal Malaysia scene.

mangifera said...

LOL. i can imagine your blur face trying to explain to the scary guys. he's attracted to your cute blur face kot. :P

anyway, it's a fact that todays men pretty much having near affair. no more flirting around at shopping complex. it's so old school. hahaha.

i think todays men have less time to fool around due to tremendous pressure of getting married. frankly, i sometimes don't want to get married cause it's just gonna add me more responsibility than i already have. such a pain in the ass. not to mention, with gila amount of dowry, seriously turn me off.

for some calculation, let's view this:

salary - 2.5 K

house rent - 0.5 K
bills - 0.2 K
food - 0.5 K
parent - 0.3 K
joli katak - 0.5 K
toiletaries - 0.1 K

at last, not much we could save. yet the killing dowry really pushing. so, in order to obtain more money to get married, men tend to work late, enjoy their time at works much more than home, spending time with their officemate most of the time.

at last, not much space to go fooled around.

now, we know why all those hardworking guys go. so, belen2 tu mat rempit, mat pit, kaki rosak anak dara orang, muka penyangak and such.

don't you the same?

(karut sgt repekan aku ni...hehe.)

just said to people who love to bother you: "sorry, not interested. bu bye."

Dila said...


I guess yeah.. only really the bored or the loafer will pick up girls tah mane2 tmpt.

Ah.. but mangi .. dont be turn off by the idea marriage with all talks of material thingies. Remember.. the power of love ::puke:: .

Okay.. perhaps not love. but to procreate and create little spawns of yoursef to even mess up the world. Aint that lovely.

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