Sunday, February 18, 2007


So.. after so many years I, finally watch the greatly raved about French film.

A story regarding a lil waitress name Amelie.


As per usual laziness invaded.. so I couldn't be bothered to give my version of the film summary. Cilok from IMDB,

Amélie is a shy waitress in a Montmartre café. After returning a long-lost childhood treasure to a former occupant of her apartment, and seeing the effect it has on him, she decides to set out on a mission to make others happy and in the meantime pursues a quirky guy who collects discarded photo booth pictures.

During the first half an hour I was yawning away.. but it quickly turn to delight when she started to interfere with others life. I especially like it when she wants to return the bag of photo album to whoever that guy is. (Nino is it?) . How very exasperating for him to follow all those clues and saw the girl he was dying to meet is at the place he just left. Thehehe..

Audrey Toutou is such an expressive actress. I never realized she is that good an actress. In the much hyped Da Vinci Code, where her talent is just wasted there.

It is a sweet film and kinda hit a poignant note with me towards the end. Thinking back, I now realized why so many people like the movie. The movie is about dreamers.. the dreamers who when tired, like to live in a multicolored world where everything is beautiful, colorful, vibrant and happy. I mean only dreamers can really fall in love with a guy who goes on all four collecting discarded photos and work in a porno goodies shop. No, make it fictional dreamers. I, the self proclaimed dreamer, would not dream of dating a guy working in a porno shop.

And of course.. the soundtrack. Ohhh.. the music in this film.. is magnifique. Its simply beautiful.. It reminds me of circus, music box, fair, the gilded horses on merry go round. This is a movie where it depends very much on its music to get the audience to understand the mood. And it does such a great job on it... I just have to say again.. I simply, simply love all the music.

Maybe I will try A Very Long Engagement next..


obefiend said...

i love this film. bought the dvd after it won an oscar a few years back. i lik ethe fact that this film is soo saccarine. not really serious. especially the part with the photo booth. damn cute. i havent seen audrey in the much panned DaVinci.. like you i wanna watch her in the long engagement first. solely for her nude scenes!


still a bloke i am!

Unta@Jitra said...


Actuallykan... french punye movie is not bad actually... talk about TAXI, Banlieue 13, and even Yamakasi... kalo action film die mmg action btol2... xde sepp2 mcm Hollywood haha...

Anyway nnt aku try cari foreign films yg kickass...

(tgh lyn Top Gear season 9 ep 2 td... hugh grant jd celebrity driver... die star dlm next coming film called Music and Lyrics... dgn drew barrymore... mcm nice romance comedy)

mangifera said...

french movie?

taxi 2, yamakasi. errr..itu jer kot.

owh...monica belucci's malena. seriusly "sedap" and heart moving. she's so hot. i so want to .....aish, men are pig.

drew barrymore so adorable. she's so cute. i love to watch her in 50 first date and the wedding singer.

Jannah said...

Haha. Tak tengok lagi Amelie.

Tak cultured ke kalau tak tengok lagi?

taqiyuddin bakir said...

in order to be cultured, one must do these;

1) enjoy theater.
2) read a classic novel.
3) write literature.
4) appreciate fine art.
5) dine in a five star restaurant.
6) wear boxers instead of briefs(men), wear garter belt instead of pantyhose (women)
7) drink tea (never coffee) in a cup with the pinky raised and curled

Dila said...

This movie is damn cute and Audrey Toutou is cute for a cute movie.

Balik JB nanti hunt for the Long Engagement.. bilakah itu..

Huhuhu.. mcm cite tembak2 je. But their action film.. the original French Nikita and their hitman movies are really great. The depth of the characters and the way they kill is nice to watch.

Top Gear? Reality Show kah?


I love Malena. Heh.. the story is beautiful and Monica Belucci plays her part beautifully. I wish she would stop playing unattainable sex object all the time tho..

Its an Italian movie eh. The land where Roberto Benigni hail? Mesti dah tgk Life is Beautiful? I think only those 2 Italian movie je kut I watch.

Drew Barrymore is cuteness and I like that she is not a size 0.

Thehehe. Amelie is a cultured film ke?

1) Ahh.. yesh
2) Jane Austen kira ke? Hehe
3) Roses are red, Violets are Blue.. ok.. I cant write literature.
4) Hermmmm.. define fine art..
5) Gahh.. tadek duit..
6) Eiiii.. garter Victorian.
7) Eii.. I do this.. unknowingly.. even with teh tarik.. I blame Birdcage for this. (Birdcage is another "Lit" movie everyone needs to watch. Hahaha

Ok.. tak cultured enough

kunci hilang said...

it's currently ranked #31 at imdb. Hmm.. dunno what to comment coz i've never seen it.

Usually, i'd like it.

Jannah said...

taqiyuddin bakir,

culture is as culture does.

Dila said...

Kunci Hilang:

yeah.. Im sure you'd like it. Give it a try on a lazy rainy afternoon.

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