Thursday, February 15, 2007

The way to a girl heart is through her stomach

Happy post V-day. Hahaha.. Ugh.

Nothing exceptional happened today. Except due to my boredom, I decide to put the disc of Season 1 House in my computer and watched unwatch episodes or the forgettable episodes. Then went to work with bloody shadow underneath eyes.

Uhh.. So I casually surf through blog I knew or interested are reading and find out that there are so many anti valentine out there. Hurmph... then I wonder why does so many girls coming out of the office with bouquet of flowers yesterday if so many moan and bitches about the day.

Me.. I am a neutral. Got nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Hah. Actually I did gain something. Thehehe..I got a book on the newest book from Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic & Baby. Haaa.. take that you girls with dozens of roses you.. Nothing I say beat a book. A good book (Ok..its a frivolous book, but a oh so yummy light hearted book that are like a small slice of those fluffy creamy cake). A book of this blogger preference. Thehehe. Oooohh.. thank you.

Maybe I should start a wishlist.. you know it seems like to be a trend nowadays. People putting up wishlist when nearing Christmas or birthday as so people would know what to get her/him. It does seems tempting, if you really do not want to get stuck with another picture frame. But kinda like.. well.. not as sweet as people who would notice what your preference are or hear and remembered when you lament that you wish you can get that. Its moment like that that makes the present oh so great.

With Valentine on everybody mind, there's also article everywhere on the Net and the newspaper on how to have a great date, what make a great flower and what makes a great present..etc etc. I kinda like skimming through this, since this does make a good tip. Not for Valentine... but basically what you can implement in everyday life la kan. Like.. asking people opinion or the girl friends opinion on which restaurant you need to go to on a date. Restaurant is not something to be trifle with on a first date or second or third date. Very important..especially to girls who love food. Not all girls like celery and carrot stick. Don't have to be necessarily fancy or expensive, but just make sure its what she would have in mind and dressed for.

Many girls would strangle a guy if they happen to wear an old frumpy looking shirt and the guy suddenly appears to whisk them out not giving chance to change to a really fancy restaurant where everybody dress to the 9. And of course if she is dress to the 9, you can't possibly bring her to the dilapidated shack of gerai mamak next to smelly big ol drain eh?

I used to date this guy who once ignored my plea when I said I was ravenously hungry. He brought me instead to this gerai that sells only roti canai and roti prata.. that sorta thing! Sob! The torture my stomach endure~ When I got back (which is on 2 am), I almost tearfully dig through my friend's fridge for any leftover nasi and sambal... My friend was beside herself..spluttering quite angrily. She knows how much I ate. (hahaha) He was branded by all my friends as the guy who only bought me 'capati' for our full day date and was looked upon disfavourably afterwards. See see.. how important food plays in a date.

Almost 5.30 am. 3 hours more to get home and fall facedown onto bed...


mangifera said...

ouch. You could say it clearly. Example: "Yayang, i need to eat nasik la. lapor ni. bawak kedai yang ada jual nasik ye."

well, might work out that way. if i'm in your position, i will lose my cool. duh, i'm hungry. i can't tolerate good jokes at hungry time. i'm not thinking straight when i'm hungry.

i bet it must be a very big flaw in that guy. he should ask you which restaurant both of you will go.

kesian dila. sure kelaparan.

i love to eat. and of course my favorite will be fast food restaurant. a date should be an adventure. rite?

if i have money, i so want to go to apple farm/peach farm to granted my dream food spree. kya~~

Unta@Jitra said...


Tgk org gak laa... like me n my mem, we do understand each other time makan... no big deal... kalo sorang nk mkn mcd, lg sorang nk mkn kfc, sorang has to tapau... mcm tu laa analogynye... and sometimes we do eat at fancy restaurants

And there are several capati joints out there which serve a damn nice capati... contoh: sebelah bakery depan bus stop lama Bt Gajah... :D

Maybe sometimes guys r too dumb to take a hint... 1 of the universal laws i think... along with gravity and time zone difference between men and women... hahaha

Dueng: Go visit cameron hi'land... nice farms outthere

Jannah said...

Lelaki itu sungguh kejam. You did say you were hungry and he ignored that. Maybe he's sengkek at the moment kut, so to save his pride he choose the mamak. I reckon next time eat first before going on a date. Just in case.

And yes a fella who cooks is simply divine :)

Dila said...

Hahha.. I think I did said something on nasik , or something like that... but fate led me to the place. Hahaha.

Well, he's the kind of person who is clueless regarding girls. So mcm... salah sendiri la kan. hahaha. Ah well.. I am better now than I was 4 years back.

Hhehehe.. me.. I like if we would go to eat something yg tak biasa on the early date, Vietnamese ke, Tex-Mex ke, paling kurang pon 1901. Hahaha


Ah yeah. Tu yg best in relationship, at least you would completely understand what they like and want.

Yg tak best awal2 tu.. masa mula2 nk start date and everything is so awkward to say aloud at time.

Just that bringing your gal to mamak in the first few dates during dinnertime.. is so not kewlll. Kalo memang late night teh tarik session completely different la kan. Capati seems very kewl-like at that moment.


Hahhaa. Jannah, you are truly deserving to be in the Ciggie Burn Heart Club. Kejam eh?

I think he's prolly sengkek since, die mmg tak brape sgt during our several dates to bring me in any great dinner place (wait.. maybe never).

Don't think kejam. More on the words of thoughtless. Some say.. the thoughtless type are even more cruel.

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