Monday, April 17, 2006

So lets shout out aloud

Lets blog.

Easier said than done since I am having a bloggers block. Bah. I hate when that happens.

Anyhow, while everybody else is having fun at Pesta Muda Mudi Indonesia which I opted not to go for no particular reason at all , cough , I went to KLCC to shop. I know it will be crazy with the PC Fair and all. But a girl got to do, what a girl got to do. Even if it means braving KL weekends traffic alone. I hate driving in the weekends. The peoples are either too fast or too slow. As that what happens when one small red car which drove 40kph in front of me at the MR2 . I have problems to overtake because 1) the cars on the right are speed happy and whizzing away like crazy 2) My eyes suddenly went berserk and started to blur and went watery. So between wiping tears that have no place to be there in the first place (since I am not at all sad or crying ) and trying to overtake an impaired car, I was really frustrated.

Went I managed to overtake, the damn red car had actually the impudence to suddenly speed ahead. Zoommm.. off he goes. While I found myself stuck at the middle lane with a really slow Mercedes this time. I was thinking. Karma. This must be karma. I want to cry out of the window.. "but you are Mercedes, damn it. Act like one". But I just went behind the red car again since it is obviously now are speeding on for God knows what reason. Probably his car is reaaaallllyy slow in picking up. Or probably he is just trying to piss me off.

I went to KLCC and parked inside since the car park outside is jam packed and the parking attendant is already shoo-ing peoples away. Don't have much difficulties finding a place to park inside. Suprisingly. Yups yups. FYI, tis my first time driving alone to a shopping mall and park my car. I am horribly inept at parking, so it is with trepidation I went there. See how powerful the needs to shop is to a girl. But everything went A OK

I won't bored you to bits on how I shop . Its the same with any other shopping trips. Buy things , waste money, am richer in worldy goods but poorer in bank balance.

Before I went back home, I went into the magazine shop next to Rotiboy to buy The Star newspaper. There was a portly man standing right in front of the newspaper rack. Hence blocking my views and access to the newspaper. I then said "Excuse me," hoping he would move his ass aside. He turned to looked at me, positively beaming. He apologized profusely and grinning while I pointedly ignored the creepy man and look for my newspaper. Then suddenly I felt a hand patting my arm saying "Sorry ar, sorry ar.. I am really sorry,"

I almost exploded at that since what's give him the right to touch me even though he is indeed sorry and are apologizing. Its not like I killed his pet kittens and feed it to the dogs. I looked around and noticed he had fled. He probably noticed the murderous glint in my eyes and opt to get away before I shouted at him.

Anyhow, nothing untoward happen afterwards. Everything is fine and I proceed to go back home ,open back my computer and replaying the scene from Greys Anatomy where it have Dr. McSteamy. Yups. He is indeed McYummy.


iceroll said...

Aihh makin pemarah la ko skang dila. kalo dulu aku rase ko akan still marah, tp takde la smp membunuh kot. :P

Dila said...

haha, u get one of those days. Or my job is really making me short circuit easily. Sigh

Zer0k3wL said...

murderous glint eh ?? now how come i've never seen dat b4 ? again my question..has the constant chirpy ol' dila truly changed beyond my wildest imagination ? what next..the evil stare of death followed by an equally evil gregorian chant?

ps : i sense a hint of road rage back there..what say u..

Dila said...

Ah yes. You see me as chirpy only. Very exhausting to be chirpy chirp.

Eh eh. No road rage .. Just frustrating sometimes. =p~

I dont bully others whut. I just am a pitiful drivers who just got license .

kunci hilang said...

haih.. i like ur description in the 3rd para.

Once I saw a woman shed tears while driving. At LDP, i think.

'Pesta Muda Mudi Indonesia'. Surely annoying. ha ha.

Dila said...

Ah, yes. Probably u were thinking. She must be crying becox of her bf or something.

Pesta Muda Mudi Indonesia. Well, it depends on the music kan.. mcm tgk JBJ :p. All crowds at concert will be the same.

obefiend said...

next time ask me out.. then takd eorang nak berani pegang. i look like a yeti.. well sans hair of course


prasan.. padahal!

i never drive in kl.i brave the human odour in public trans. cheaper somemore!

Electra Complex said...

You write wonderfully but there is no 's' in people, as it is already a plural :)

Dila said...

Sure. But the LRT in the weekends is far worse I think. All other yetis might also be there.

Thank you. And yeah.. I lack in grammar a bit. I got a weakness to put 's' in everything too. LOL.

iceroll said...

ahaha u got a grammar teacher urself now. lps nih takleh tulih dlm bm lg la gamaknye. :P

nway agreed with u electra. she is a wonderful writer. and a wonderful chatter tuh :D.

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