Monday, April 24, 2006


I will not be here for almost a week. Starting from tomorrow. Yeay~ Am going to a brief holiday trip. So will not be here to reply to your comments. Maybe I can, but we'll see. (Did you notice that I didn't say blog? Since I am not the type of person who writes daily updates anyway!)

Looking forward to the trip tomorrow, so I am being lazy at work today. Ok. I am always lazy. But who cares... its I am always without holiday, so this should be NICE. But I wish I can do without the airplane ride. I hate airplane. Its not the fear of my airplane crashing. Even though I should fear it, but the chances I would be murdered on my way back from work is far greater than an airplane crash.. So I don't give it much of a thought. Its only, well. Okay. I am prone to travel sickness/motion sickness. Really bad. It take me several days to recover sometimes. I love and love to travel though. So that prove to be a conflict with me. Sigh.

Isn't it cool if someone have the tool to transport human like Star Trek (what the exact name eh?). Zap! They're off to another place. That would sooo save fuel and imagine., no traffic jam. Can get into Orlando Bloom house without any problem. All guys too would suddenly appear in Pamela Anderson or (insert name of favorite celebrities to drool over) bathroom when they wanted to take a bath. But of course in reality, if that were to happen all of the molecules in our body would be disintegrate and we would probably arrived there in 1 billion pieces. Yeuch.

This goes the same for the roller coaster or any other thrill rides. The puking thing I meant. Not the Zap of you goes thing. 360 degrees turn, Solero Shot , defying gravity stunts rides and all is very exciting. I like that and I don't think I fear it. However the thought of it makes me green. Literally. I don't fancy to find myself throwing up all over my clothes and the seat of my roller coaster ride. No, sirree. I rather keep my throwing up habit very classy. In a toilet bowl where it should belong.

Soo.. laters!

Note: Nik Ruziawani (or as known in our batch as Gie) a dear friend was involved in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for her recovery. Also received words that she had now regained conciousness again after her operation and should be OK.


obefiend said...

its called teh Transporter.

"beam me up scotty"

immortal words from you i hate flying but that wasnt always the case. pre 911 i was a big fan or airplane. i use to go planespotting at kepala batas and subang. used to guess what airplane was flying over me head. 911 changed all that. my love for the iron birds died with the thousands of people that perished that day. if i am forced to take a flight anywhere i would make sure i didnt get any sleep the nigh before. so can sleep in the airplne when it eventually took to the air. HAH!

hmm.... which celeb? im a guy so i would say i would like to be transported to Sarimah Ibrahim or Joss Stone's toilet. haha..

as for puking. last time i puked was last year. a case of food poisoning from our favret mamak tronoh. i puked like a real man. on the way back home to utp. while driving 60 kph.. leaving puke trails along the way. should have taken a video along. then i can post it on you-tube

" mamak stall puking video vol#1"

iceroll said...

bring back some ole2 will ya. something vietnamese. not something like a "visit vietnam" t-shirt, which u can even find it easily here.

last time puke, mase demam. dah demam lg nak isap rokok. sekali sedut, terus kuar isi perut sekali ngan sardin makan time dinner. lps tuh terus lega.

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