Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hello. Are you there?

Damn it. Sometimes some peoples just get on my nerves.

I feel too much of a rage today. So I just give an example below.

The Hello Are You There type. I had just picked up the phone.

" Hello, XXX speaking . Welcome ..."
" Hello! Hello!" . The customer from afar shouted
" Hello, yes. How may.." . I was cut off.
" Hello, Are you there? Hello?" . He shouted again.
Deep breath. Probably bad line. Probably a little deaf.
" Hello. Yes. I am here. " Rolled my eyes upwards. Not again.
" Hello, this is (some blardy name) from.. Hello. Are you there? Hello "
" Yes. I am still here" . Tapping my finger on the desk impatiently.
" Okay. Yes. I have a problem with... Hello. Hello." Does he have like a disease to say Hello for every one second? The line sounded good. And he can hear me. I don't even have the chance to speak much , since he is Hello-ing away so much.
" Yes. I am listening" . Gritting teeth now while saying this.
" Ah yes. Well.. I have problems with ... Hello... Hello" I am happily throttling him in my mind.

I swear. If he was in front me, I would have smashed his head into the floor.

K-ran is the champ with filler words. This is the case where I think you need to enter every oh ah and hmmm into every seconds of the conversation. Ever heard patience? How can I know what you want if I don't listen and talk at the same time?


Snubby, Don of Anime said...

Hello. Hello!?? HEllooo~~~~??? Helloooooooooooo. Heeeeelllow! Hello hello hello hell-yeah!

Apsal post aku tanak kuar nih. Takperlah aku tulis hello jer lah. Muahahaha.

Sabarlah dila..

Dila said...

haha. Manyak sabar oledi.

Cuma kenkdg rase maw jerit je or hang up the phone.

kunci hilang said...

owhh...! hmm.. oh.. what?

but u r good.

Not a Hello Are Yoe There type.

obefiend said...

"hello boleh cakap dengan Eric?"
"salah number la"
"saya tau ni number dia jgn tipu"
"saya efi bukan eric"
"ni bukan XX xxxxxxx"
"betul dah number salah orang"
"awak jgn main2, mana Eric"
"kan aku dah kata salah number"
"cepat la mana Eric"

macam ni pun aku penah kena. BIZARRO! be thankful on what u gave...

Dila said...

Kunci Hilang: Never be a hello. Are you there type. Or Hello. Guess Who.

Effi: I guess only hanging up the phone will jolt his/her senses

nawaba said...

haha...actually its cos im lazy and couldn't be bothered with what happens to some Tom, Dick and Harry's(or Jane for that matter) computer thats thousands of nautical miles away.

whoooshaaaa. ZEN.

ska_ocean said...

i dun say "hello" so much. always start it with "Lop!" or "Yup!" or "Hah, nak pe?" or "I'll call u back! Tgh drive nih!" Heheheh!

Dila said...

I think after 1 month on the job, u had long past cared.

Heh, sungguh direct to the point.

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