Sunday, April 30, 2006


I just got back from my trip to Vietnam. Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Malaysia.

This is just a short note since I am a tad bit tired and also am not feeling well. Feverish and flu-like symptons; complete with runny nose,headache and sore throat. It is soooo like me to catch some type of disease when holidaying. My antibodies just always failed to bid my command. Which is to fall sick only during work days. Sigh~

It felt a little weird. Woke up in another country and am about to go to bed at home in KL. My feet are aching from all that walking during the trip but also had somehow managed to reach the weight of a baby mammoth. Damn holiday mood which make me tend to gorge in food. Hey, it rhyme!

Night. Or morning.

Oh yeah.Happy Liberation Day, Vietnam.


obefiend said...

is that uncle ho's tomb.. ??

vietnam huh.. hows the dog wine and BBQ? tried that? LOL

i never went tarvelling.rasa macam rugi. u gave me an idea dah. this cuti nak pegi pulau-ing

just me.. the sun and plenty of hot europeans.. yeah dream on!

Dila said...

Heh, sory for the late reply. My not feeling well thingies had then advanced to pre asthma attacks.

Anyhow. For the building. I have no idea what it is. Everything is written in Vietnam. And the Vietnams I encountered sure as hell dont understand English. It have some purpose there I guess.

I only encountered the snake and scorpion wine. Dont tried it. Heh..

Ah yes. Vacation is gr8. Travels~ while we are young. It is the fun thing ever~

(planning to pulau-ing too) Haven't set the date yet.

melmuhd said...

huk..sama! nak kena tuka ni.. but then, i love the layout!!! nnt la pikir

Dila said...

heh, no worries. I can change mine too. Tapi tgh malas la. Huhuh.

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