Sunday, April 09, 2006


So today I am fat. Oh yeah. Peoples tell me so many times I had lose some weight. Yet. In a few days , I can gained all the fat I had been trying to lose for a few weeks.

You know what? I blamed the media for this. Of course , every girl with a lil excess fat does. I just join in the bandwagon . Its definitely not my fault. No. No. So I indulged in KFC and other fast foods. Big deal. (Big? How ironic my choice of words).

I bet if this was 16th century, I am all the rage. Painters like Raphael and Michaelangelo would pay me obscene amount of money to model for them, I could be Mona Lisa. Yeah yeah. The sky is the limit, but my imagination knows no bounds. But anyhow, had you guys ever seen medieval or Renaissance nekkid chicks painting? I meant. They are huge. They are no object of beauty. To us. To guys 500 years ago, these women push their button. To them, they are beautiful. Of course then the men also only think that these beeg beeg girls wil produce em beeg beeg bebe boys to carry on thy family name . Maybe 21st century ain't that bad either.

But I think all this hype about being thin. It is all like trends. So 500 years ago, it was all trendy to have big hips, rounded waist, fat legs. They certainly don't look hourglass to me. Then the stick Twiggy came with her miniskirt and bikinis ,40 or 50 years ago. Boom!~ Downhill goes all the fat women. Today , to be beauti-fool you have to have legs like pole, sunken cheek, no waist, and rid of all fat. (Even the one that were suppose to keep you alive)

Does this stick thin figures wandering around red carpets ever like, eat. So many of them claimed to have really high metabolism. Most of the female artist chirps "Ohhh... I eat whatever I want. So nooo. I don't have any eating disorder. I meannt like, Hellooo? It is so uncool to have like erm.. bulimia." While of course we know they are lying since the paparazzis had taken so many pictures of them but the only pictures we saw when they are feeding themselves are only liquid or salad. It must be nice to have alllll those money but eat rabbit food at famous Italian restaurant. Probably they just went there for the view.

Shrugs. Given the choice, red meat or baby carrot for dinner? You know what? I rather have red meat. What can I say, I am just a sucker for good food. Being thin is I guess a no.2 priority. Yups. I will try to be thin, right after I finish this packet of Lays. Yups yups. Crunch crunch~~


iceroll said...

what's wrong with being fat?

bak kata jack black dlm cite school of rock,"I love to eat. Is that a crime?"

obefiend said...

nice to see someone apperciate the fine art of LIVING and EATING

by the way

i find 15th centuty art as beautiful. infact i dated a women once coz she looked like one of them Rembrant paintings. huge hip,, full body and porcelain cheeks. i find that beautiful. but other man might think otherwise la kan? jauhari kenal manikam

these days i love looking at sarimah and Naomi IShak. full bodied women who doesnt care what people might say about their puffiness.. i like em puffy pasal sedap hug.. like real teddies!


iceroll said...

yaaaa i quite agree with u obefiend. love to look at Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff mase zaman chubby diorang. or look at dila mase die tgh praktikal :D

nawaba said...

peehhh...'certified gilmore girls fan' website nih! *squinting real hard to get a closer look*

din know they had 'certifications'. hahah...okay okay i kid. just couldn't help myself!

err..what was the entry about again?

Dila said...

Well it is kinda hard to meet guys who like gals who are puffy or tembamy.

But I guess its the same for girls too. We don't really like guys who look like skeleton. How are they gonna punch out their rivals~

Nothing wrong. Except it is really horrifying to self when buying clothes if you need to buy ::gasp, shock, shudders:: XL size of clothes.

I swear sometimes M sized clothes look only fit for primary school children.

Hahaha.. zaman praktikal zaman bahagia.


Oh. I was doing the stupid quiz during.. cough.. work hour. So it gave me the icons. Thus.. why not. Hahaha.. Less websites to type. Only one click ahead.

kunci hilang said...

"Big deal. (Big? How ironic my choice of words)."

haha.. cool.
as usual. as u r.

Unta@Jitra said...

Lagi sedap makanan tu... lagi byk masalah...

Fried = minyak... kolestrol
Sweet = gula... diabetic
Chessy = fat... n fat

Camne nk mkn?? susah maa hahahaha

Dila said...

kunci hilang:

Of koz! Kewlness~


Ish ish. Nak makan tu senang. Nak hilangkan ape yg dah makan tu susah~

ska_ocean said...

same gak masalah ngan ku..
minggu ni kurang 5 kg (sbb sibuk sket), minggu lagi satu tambah balik lagi 5kg (sbb tension)..
lama2 reput.. asek kembang kuncup jek... Hihihi~

Dila said...

Haih. Itu la pasal. Nk exercise malas.

Tapi.. eeiiii...

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