Thursday, April 13, 2006

2 years now

Well, blog. You are 2 year old. Yeay. Yeay.
Sidenote: I do not bought my blog a cake. This Birthday Cake was guiltlessly consumed by us during Gohan birthday actually

If it is alive and breathing, it had now learnt to run around semi naked at my house wearing my high heel shoes. Wait. My almost 2 year old niece , had just done that this morning.Well if my blog is my baby, it would do the same too.

It had been 2 years today since I started this blog. It goes from purple to pink then purple again, to briefly gray and now it is cyan. (As most of you manly guys called that. I just called it green-blue) . I changed the title so many times, I forgot what it is called initially. However Dils Stop had always remain the main one. I was not that creative when picking up a title. Dils Stop. Go Figure.

Well, I started this blog as a means to express my feeling out. You know.. I kinda like.. well. Blargh. Well let just say. The getting out to the open and expressing my feelings thing? Kinda sucks. So I like someone then. A lot. And yeah. Maybe I still do, even though it is kinda hard. Wait. What this gotta do with my blog? Well, duh~ This is suppose to be my outlet regarding that, at first. You know. Me being ditzy and stuff.

However being a complete ditz somehow don't quite suit me . So to preserve my sanity and some of my dignity when talking to the person, I typed about something else and then almost everything. Until now. And no. I am still not telling. So end of story there.

The blog was meant to be like an online journal. But peoples who write unrestrainedly are to be applaud. It is hard to write things that are painful to you. So I write in metaphors. Then it become just a simple pleasure, simply because I enjoyed blogging. And I enjoyed reading other blog oh so much.

It introduced me to new friends. It help strengthen some of my friendships. It made me much more aware on various peoples opinions. It is kinda like a forum since we thrived on silly lil comments and shoutbox. And in some ways, Friendster too. Where we know each other updates on life without the boring question, "How are you doing today?".

Remembered when at school, my teacher asked us to do like a journal on " My Homework and What I had learned today" . ::Gag & Puke:: Really ar. Some teachers who try to be too creative can just utterly failed. It is bad enough we have to do essays like " How global warming is affecting the world..." 5 times in 6 months (yawn... scribble ....fall asleep), but to actually write about what the many homeworks we got and what education facts that had been pushed down our throat for today?

I used that particular homework journal book to doodle and draw Walt Disney cartoon at the end.

Now blogging. That is just fun.


obefiend said...

congrats on the anniversary of the blog. i enjoy reading your write up in between classes.. more of these please.

run around naked in high heels? i have dreams that started out just like that.. but im the one naked with high heels? hmm.. what does that mean?

congrats and happy blogging dils!!

iceroll said...

happy bday blog. ape lg open table la. hehehe

Dila said...


Thank you. I enjoyed writing it .

Now.. probly you have some wish to wear high heels. Or be dominated . Hahaha

Unless my blog is endorsed by some brand~

obefiend said...

Now.. probly you have some wish to wear high heels. Or be dominated . Hahaha


Zer0k3wL said...

God..its been 2 years eh since u've started blogging..great respects on your achievements dila! May Dils Stop go on prosperously with great and interesting bits for us to dwell on. Still wondering the secrets to a nice blog like urs. Keep it up dila..Cheers!

Dila said...


I could say men are the same everywhere. But then I will be a sexist pig . :p


Tq Tq. No secret. Actually. The 2 years of blogging help to improve it a bit. As so reading others too.

But still.. ah well.

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