Monday, September 19, 2005

Single and Unavailable

People are confused with the status of my socialness. Am I single? Yet why did I kept on seeing my ex?

I really hate talking about this. Because no matter how hard I try to explain it, peoples can't seems to make head nor tails about. I chose being single not because I want to see other peoples. I want to be free within myself. I do not have to answer to anyone on why did I do that. I don't have to invent a reason why I need to go out with other peoples.

The most confusing part about all these are.... I myself now do not want to meet other peoples. If peoples show an interest on me, I would feel almost... despise for them. And I do not want to feel that. And if the peoples who are interested, are interesting and I liked them, then after a while I just lost the feeling. The euphoria only lasted for a while. Then it felt the same. Humdrum.

I myself are not searching for any reason. And when peoples start questioning or gossiping... in the end I just could not care less. In the end, I myself would choose. Not them. They would not do anything but look. You might think what you want, but you do not know the beginning of it why I chose that choice. And I just let you think what you want because I know you never are interested in explanations. Yes, you. So let me choose in my own way, my own time and my own man. It can be anyone, but I kinda hope Orlando Bloom will be in the picture. Hahaha.


iceroll said...

haha. nih la gosip yg aku ckp aku penah dengar pasal ko tuh :P

Dila said...

Puh leez, I know

iceroll said...

so why dils? why u keep seeing ur ex? hehe

Dila said...

because I explain everything and he understood. And he does not ask any more questions anymore.

Other peoples have questions. Or worse some piece of shit that I do not want to get myself into or know of.

And you, should learnt to say something beside "I have a gossip of you".

That put peoples off. And pls dont explain, I do not want to hear any of it. Just forget it.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh simply complicated.

eL said...

confused... extremely confused... wont someone help me understand...

Dila said...

now if only we could find the time.. =p

eL said...

i have loads of time, dils... just name me the where and the when... hehehe...

SheeMa said...

herm...i like this topic...sorry beb lambat sket Hmm, nmpk nye iceroll byk kasik komen. Look, when we brek up, especially kalau brek up teruk2 nye, we sure want to see whether life ex kt tu suffer tak after brek up. hahaha, and of course we(yang kena dumped kan) nak tunjuk that " I can survive without u" Better still kalau kt dapat subtitute yg better than our Exs'. Senang citer, kalau bley cakap "padan muka u! saper suh tinggalkan i" lagi bagus.ops.. slalu, lt nih suka jaga hati kan. Jaga kesopanan..hihi

Dila said...

Hahah.. ha ah..cycle die camnie:

Phase 1: Lament, cried, cling

Phase 2: Be incredibly desctructive to oneself

Phase 3: Be angry at him

Phase 4: Less anger, more revenge, going out with lots of peoples

Note: All the above are not taken from any academic journal or research , mainly own boredom

Phase 5: Seeing it is pointless, because it takes 2 to tango.

Phase 6: Learning to accept it

Phase 7: Try to accept him back again in own life as so to keep up appearance. Muahaha

Phase 8: Be incredibly bored with all of it , marry a very boring guy, have kids and live a pointless life and desperately hope he will suffer the same fate.. Muahahha (now, which stage am I?)

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