Wednesday, September 14, 2005

People Must Be Regulated

You think? Our management in the office had blocked our access to all forms of webmail. In short, anything with the words mail in it, it is blocked.

I think this is to improve.. productivity. Right. Probably we did pore over the yahoo/gmail/hotmail. But really, if a customer was yelling to you demanding why their software is slow/crash/not working when most probably their computer is crap anyway, what we are going to do?. But of course we can't say that. No, we have to grin and bear and just read crap email titled "Life is Beautiful". Usually I rarely on a email frenzy , unless the customer have an exceptional slow computer when it restarted. Or the blissful time when there are no calls.

The service level is low now. Perhaps. Maybe it is due to the overwhelming call or being exhausted being the last to know whatever in the McAfee scene and have to bear the front end attack of it.

Many of my colleagues are understandably enraged. We depends on these entertainment to help us through very bad times. And some very crucial information, I got it from emails too! My friends suddenly wanted to go out. We planned it through emails. I will be yet again even more unsociable.

It is bad, yeps! But the thing is.. people will still be unproductive if there are reason to be. Even in some dingy offices that have no internet connection, people will find a way to be unproductive even if it is hard to be.

In all, I am used to it. Because easy. We are after all IT peoples. We can always find other ways to go around the problems. Probably not getting to the yahoo mail. But other alternatives.

With my modem still unreplace, this is going to be a very long week!


Dila said...

As I believed, we had got a workaround of the problem


[suff] said...

one reason y i never hate utp it dept, they helped me to improvise..

owh, i guess we shuldnt hate network admins in general, they bring the creativity in us.

iceroll said...

byk lg cara utk mengular. jgn risau.

nawaba said...

they blocked webmails?

no wonder self proclaimed spam killer king was so busy rallying the troops against management

how come i can still access yahoo mail?

Dila said...

It must be great to BE network admin tho. Thou shalt have control

And yeah.. many ways to mengular. But really boring ways to mengular laa

Dunno la how u can access? Not yet kut.. yesterday almost all kena.. But no worries.

eL said...

At the place where i work... the system admin has the most power compared to the network admin or the database admin... "and with great power, comes great responsibility..." ;)

iceroll said...

no no u got it wrong eL. With great power, comes great opportunity. That is.

nawaba said...

agrees with iceroll.

hey dila, this one got 8 comments so far. i bet if you insert something like 'jenna jameson' or something, you could get higher. previous was 9, and that was just hinting at it. makes you wonder how this thing works doesn't it.

Dila said...


I have a post that have a highest comment so far..40++

Hehe... but that was only between 2 ppls.. =p~

eL said...

yup... i agree with you, iceroll... hehehe...

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