Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lightning Crashes

Got back from work around 10p.m yesterday. Was just about to go into the house and noticed my sister's fiance car blocking the gate. Great. No worries. Park on the side for a moment then. Notice my friend car in the house and the house is lighted up. Weird. It is 10 pm. Usually by this time the house is still quiet.

Went inside. Was met by my sister. She looks mildly anxious. And my friend so willingly do my bidding to park the car inside too. The alarm goes off my head. My sis said:

"Bad news..."

In my head went a thousand possibilities. Someone died? Mom? Grandma? Someone in an accident? Someone lose a job? The house burnt down? Wait. I am in the house. Pretty incredible what a mind can conceived in a matter of half a second. My sister's continued.

"There was a storm. Your computer had been struck. I think its the modem, but the computer is gone too.. "

She looks at me like I was gonna lose my head and ran out screaming. My friend is also now looking at me anxiously. I quickly made my way upstairs. And seen my sister's fiance is taking out all my computer 'insides'... (*tsk.. *tsk).

"How bad is the damage?" , Me saying lor
"Can't say.. have to look a bit further.."

My sister is entreating me to eat first. Hermm.. Decided to humour myself by playing with my niece first and then eating later. My sister fiance's Abg Yin take out the RAM to test if it is still OK. So overall on the condition of my computer? I have no idea. Have to go to Low Yat then this Sunday.

It seems like my sisters were afraid I was freaking out. In truth.. I am not! I am a bummed out, yes. But still, there's nothing to be done about it. Unless my LCD monitor is gone too, then probably I will still be in my bed right now and sucking my thumb.

They were all so anxious and were hoping that I will just get to sleep after getting back from the work and maybe the computer will miraculously healed itself. Fat hope on both! I think they think after knowing my computer had 'rosak', I will fling myself out from the window. Do I look that computer-internet-addicted to you?

Btw.. this means less blogging activities!


nawaba said...

sayang lcd daripada whole system...tau la flat panel...

aku kat kampung nih pakai dyna flat lagi...

"uhh apa? liquid crystal dilithium? apa tuh?? pakcik taknah dengor lerrrr"

iceroll said...

org kate pc kalo kene sambar petir maknanye byk dosa. hehehe

Dila said...

nawaba: now.. the cost of that if my monitor gone too... unthinkable..

iceroll: oh my.. my .. my collection of porn!!

iceroll said...

and this means..there will be more tv! tv had so many good shows nowadays though.

nawaba said... takleh burnkan jenna jameson la skang? aiseh..kena carik stockist baru la camni

taqiyuddin bakir said...

condolences to you and your family.

but, let us not grieve over the pc. it has lived a productive life. helped its owner go through UTP's boring days. enabled her to have iRC flings and virtual social life. but its time has come.

Though we are shocked to hear about its death, deep down inside, we all know that sooner or later, it has to go. and so will all of us.

The passing of our kins will always give us a surge of emotions and often it is the living that suffers more than the dearly departed.

I hope that this electrifying incident will be a reminder to us about our own mortality. Lets look at it in a positive light and throw away the negativity.

Let us take a moment of silence and silently reminisce about its glorious past. let us all.

iceroll said...

Quote-"Do I look that computer-internet-addicted to you?"

yes you do.

ok la let me help u get rid of ur bored days while waiting for ur pc to be back on again.

Tuesday:Desperate Housewives, Ed
Wednesday:CSIs again.
Saturday and Sunday:Re-runs.


Dila said...

::more free time::
::no downloadable porn, I meant series::

iceroll said...

u meant porn series? kewl stuff

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