Monday, September 26, 2005


Its been a while. I have been obsessed with gathering back all Gokusen manga, anime and drama. Right now I have started on drama and manga. But not yet the anime. It is quite hard to find since it is licensed I think.

No matter. I will continue on. Now this will probably go on for a while. Since when I am in my obsession rampage, nothing much will comes into my mind. Quite a good thing considering my past obsession is bad for my health and sanity.

I was also busy in gathering back all my lost files. My harddisk was corrupted. All 80g of its. Pitiful. I lost all my mp3, my series and movies. Some of it I have yet to see. I especially felt the loss is my Buffy series on season 1 and 2. It was a fun season back then. Ridiculous laughable. And my Kill Bill and Resident Evil dvd-ripped too. Damn. I was gonna watch that again. And all my sex and the city season!!! Lament.. lament. How very bad. This should teach me a lesson to burn all my beloved season. But it is ever so tiring. And take so long. When I was in UTP, I do not have much time for it. Much less when I am working now.

And my mp3 files. Some of its are irreplaceable. I was also beside myself since I thought I had lost Ken Hirai Rakuen. Then I remembered that I had burn some of my mp3. All was not lost. Phew~ I am only trying to find back all mp3. Not all of them was lost thanks to the CD and my laziness to move the mp3 files from the IRC folder to the designated one. The series and movies will take so much time and money. I have to do without em.

But I will search for more series nonetheless. Ahead with my obsession now.


eL said...

poor dils... i've experienced something similar... i lost all my image files which i used to design websites... and all my photoshop edited pictures and images, as well... i was so devastated because i used to design wallpapers, websites and flash presentations... once upon a time...

Dila said...

hehe.. well.. I think your loss is more educational and serve a higher purpose. So I symphatize more. (I think I am gettin worse in spelling)

at that once upon a time.

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