Friday, January 30, 2015


Lepas balik dari pantang to I saw Brownie punye balls to gotten really big. And he is very chummy with a lovely calico stray depan rumah.

Selalu la lepak sama2 and tenung je si calico ni. Mesti hormone tengah nak warm up and figuring out what he should do. Haha. But I never noticed any mounting and sebelom start baik la hantar untuk spaying and neutering, 

So I buat the appointment at my usual vet whose rate is almost the same as klinik kembiri punye and I decided to spay calico ni sekali as to avoid her having kittens in front of the house again. Before this she ade kittens dekat rumah ni tapi after I balik pantang tadek dah kittens tu. Momma cat je ade. Probably ade orang amik the kittens because they are so fluffy and gebu. 

I nama kan die Siti btw.  She reminded me of Kurap due to the coloring of her fur. So I guess I have a little bit of affection to this cat and hence the TNR (trap neuter release) for her.

So hantar rabu lepas tu and baru amik Jumaat which is today.

I also brought the kitten from my sister house yang mata die nak kena operate to the same vet. Sebelom ni die macam sakit mata and around a week back my eldest sister perasan yang mata one of the kitten ni macam dah nak terkeluar. Horror. 

So long story short, the kitten need to have one of the eyes removed. At least the other eye are OK. So the kitten are operated the same day the cats I brought for mandul also. And boleh balik on Jumaat also. 

One of the eyes yang dah kena jahit since dah dibuang.

The kitten one eye tadek aside, is pretty much ok. Masuk cage di rumah my sis terus cari makan. Hope it continue to be ok. Brownie dah pretty much back to normal dah. Siti je la stress di dalam cage sebab she was a stray kan, mana biasa kena kurung. But she took it ok so far. 

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