Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Dino Day

I was obsessed with dinosaur when I was small. I try to learn a lot of the dino names and the era though if you ask me now, I can't tell you anything because my mind is like a leaky sponge. 
Anyhow I always like to buy a lot of dino theme toys or clothes or books for my kids. So Aziz kinda likes dino too. Not obsessed but he enjoyed them. 

So when I saw in IG that Dila brought his son to Dinoscovery aku duk la beria ria cakap kat laki aku. ( Yang lagi excited nak tengoknye mak die bukan anak die) . Dekat je, as it is at Avenue K.

So we went there last Sunday ( it was also end of pantang days! ) and I enjoyed it and Aziz enjoyed it to an extent. 

Aziz sampai2 excited terus nampak badan dino ni. With ekor die gerak2. Dekat luar entrance tu ade board with some game ... Aziz sibuk nak main. 

Sebelom masuk entrance. I looked huge tapi walaupon I stress tapi I know the weight will shed off later on. Especially bile nak balik rumah dah ni. Try Boba Wrap and it is easy enough IF you wrapped it tightly around your body and the way doing it is you wrap it around you first and the material trailed di bawah.... Dan I didnt consider before how distressed I am trying to tie it around me at a parking lot sebab I don't like the idea the material trailing the dirty parking lot floor. I am somewhat of a germaphobe. So this thing is DISTRESSING I tell you and I felt like buying JUMPSAC because while the wrap is OK , I just can't handle the thought it had contacted a dirty floor. JUST CANT. ( My mild germaphobe flaring tu) . Ehem. Maybe I should practice without it trailing on the floor. 

Ehem. Anyway. Those interested in knowing the fee is 

With MyKid and MyKad 
Adult - RM25 
Kid - RM35

Those under 60 cm is free ... which is basically babies who can't walk yet. So Saif free! Yeay. Aku baru nak protest if Saif pon kena bayar. 

Adult cheaper sebab it have more activity for kids kan. So we entered and all except Saif were given a vest to wear and activity map and bracelet for the kid. Memula tu Aziz cuak sebab the Dino exhibit was dark and in the dark , animatronic Dinosaur must seems very realistic to a small kid. So awal2 tu die cuma nak clinged on to his father. Nangis2 bile Dino tu bukak mulut. Then bile sampai tempat activity for kids baru die warm up. It took him a while but he had fun in the end. So that is money well spent. 

Place where kids can dig through the sand la kekonon cari tulang dino. Aziz is more interested in digging and collecting sand rather than looking for bones.
Saif pon well behaved slept most of the dino exhibit time and woke up bile abang die dah sampai tempat activity. Manage to breastfed him at a corner while abang continue on. 

Wearing the vest and this is a spot where kids can colours . 

There are 6 activity spots for kids to play with addition to a 3D short movie and colouring area. Activity macam wall climbing and main tail dino tu Aziz takleh main lagi as he is much too small, but he did enjoyed himself on other. Ok lah. Ni kira as bawak die suka suka just before die kena enter playschool baru. 

I was surprised when he requested to climb this dino. Ingatkan memula die takut. Tinggi sebab kena naik tangga but ade orang kat situ boleh tolong and jaga die, so Aziz seems ok. Masa time pergi ni pon tak ramai orang so I like it sebab the kids tadekle berebut for their activity time. 

Tak lama kut sini. Dalam an hour lebih camtu, dengan kite orang gi makan Ah Cheng Laksa. Ok. Baby dah menjerit. :D

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