Friday, January 23, 2015

Hectic lah

Its Friday and I got a a lil bit of a flu here and Aziz is drinking Ribena while Saif is cooing away happily and NOT SLEEPING.
Sebab tadi Saif tanak tido. Tak sempat nak masak lunch for Aziz so I ordered pizza je. Beria nak pizza, then bile makan satu slic jee. Pffthhh. Sebab tengah duk makan, Saif nangis, I left the pizza box on the table and found Bobby manage to open the pizza box by nudging it open with his head dan tengah licked my sambal bilis pizza !!!

Pffftt. Bobby. The heck you did with my pizza!!

Anyway last week we went to Ikea dengan baby wear Saif and Aziz in stroller. Fuh. Went to buy new bookcase for moi ( I am running out of space ) and closet utk Aziz .

As for babywearing,  Ok la the baby wearing though I still need time to be really comfy with the wrap, tapi senang lagi dari handle 2 strollers. Bile Aziz dah tanak duduk dalam stroller, I put Saif in there pulak sebab after 2 or 3 hours in the Boba Wrap die dah bangun dan nak susu pulak.

Met another mother with 2 child in tow and wearing a  Boba wrap exactly like mine for her baby in an elevator and we smiled at each other.

Dalam nak bayar tu time tu la Aziz memekak and Saif pon dah start macam rimas in the wrap, so I headed to the benches and bough apple juice for Aziz and die minum sambil baring beside me and I BF Saif. I gotta say this is getting to be easier the second time around. The first time around, I can never BF in public.

There was some hot issue about this from what I can remember, but to me if the person is appropriately covered the whole time, it should be no issue. I think there is a baby room but I remembered baby room in IKEA with the smells and the poo and yeeeshhh I can't deal with that. Also Aziz wont be contented to be stuck in a room with me, so I just throw on my nursing cover and find someplace a little bit discreet and just BF.
Anyway talking about babywrap and BF ing , I had just watched this video

Funny and exactly of what we mothers are accustomed to... being judged at or judging people on. To me this video only covered a slice of what people with or without children keep on judging about how to raise kid/kids, but the gist of it is at the end of the day, the child is what matter.

Oh so time lunch tu sebab I am sick of nasi , went to Vivo for lunch. Ok la.

Vivo punye dessert murahh sebab tu I went there and the food is OK ish. Hmmm.. Brownie and ice cream. All in all it was a successful outing with 2 kids in tow. Hahaha.

Oh well. Saif dah start cranky die. Later dudettes.

What I am seeing now in front of the laptop.


Cik Kiah MakBulu said...

Really got to be careful with sweet drinks in baby bottle...takut dapat nursing bottle caries nanti...Anyway nice pic of the brothers...pally sangat!

dils said...

Thanks! And thanks for the reminder .. yeah mungkin time to break that habit. Bought a new sippy cup he likes and dont spill so maybe boleh guna tu instead next time.

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