Friday, January 16, 2015

SAHM in training

Since my pantang had already finished and my home had finished most of the renovation works, I am now at home to take up duties as SAHM. It is hard I tell you. And boring and monotonous. The cooking bits especially yang I selalu kelam kabut. Ikutkan hati nak aje beli tetiap hari, hahaha.. tapi bangkrap la laki nanti. Also lama2 muak gak. After a series of kedai food, nasi , telo dadar and kicap pon sodap aje. 

Also is tiring as the house feels kinda berdebu but husband cakap sebab the front porch area still debu and bising at me because I opened the door. Rimas la rumah tutup, tapi I dah mop satu rumah ( my czer stitches are throbbing now ) baru rase sedap sikit pijak rumah. There are still a tonne of things that needed to kemas. I just do what I can la in the little time I have. 

I had met my gynae for post natal checkup and all was good. Cam biasa die akan buat pap smear and she advised that the next kid .. should be 3 year ye gap. woah. Tapi I initially felt like that pon. Tengok la how rezeki kan, Also after my gynae checkup , bawak Saif for his rotavirus vaccine and his eczema. Last week eczema kat pipi die was really bad . 

It kinda looks painful too.  His paed prescribed Ezenide to be applied for 3 to 5 days . Lepas letak 3 days je dah OK! 

Hari ketiga dah tak merah. Lega! 

Also we can't see from pictures but currently his eyes are grey. Though I think it is slowly going to hazel. I think he is gonna take after his dad eyes. Aziz eyes are dark brown, so kite tengok Saif punye camne.

The cats are super glad I am home and I can see it from Wolly because she kept on giving me her belly to rub. The others just want wet food. And I still cant believe how big Brownie gotten. I think he is gonna be bigger than the other cats in the house. 

And Aziz had now started a new playschool! Sebelom ni die pergi nursery je, and since I am not sure when or if I am going to work , we started him on a half day playschool and tengahhari comes, I picked him up. He cried the first 2 days, sebab semua very foreign to him. Biasa la. But lepas tu he is OK. I think he enjoyed the new school and the teachers like him. 

Anak mommy dah besa

So at least my morning I have a little bit of a free time ( if Saif behaves) and manage to do some cleaning / housework. Lepas amik Aziz tu, kenkadang pening gak la nak juggle. Mostly it looks like this at home around during late afternoon.

My boys!
Excuse the mess, sometimes I just cant bother la. Haha. 


lisalisut said...

wei dils! apsal boring? syoklaaaa. hahah. i x rs lagi so tak sbrrrrr nk cuti bsalin. herghh. but honestly i tgh tension dgn workloads in the office to the point i feel like resign 24jam n blahhhhhhhhh. biar lantak situ. tp aku nk saborrr je dlu smpi branak. pantang. naik je keje tender resignation letter and blah. i just cant wait hahaha... boring ke apa later je pk.
Aziz dh msk playschool? nice. hehe. i dh siap plan dlm kepala, nt ade ank dua, hannah cont playschool dr pg smpi 12tghari. nt i pickup cewah. berangan mmg best hahahaha.

dils said...

Haha. Syok jugak la if ade free time. Ni mcm tadek free time lagiiii. Haha. Rase macam tak jumpa orang pon ade. Terperuk kat rumah je. Tapi ok jugak la. Kurang baju keje sendiri nak gosok :D

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