Friday, November 28, 2014

Ways to Wear Sandal ..

Like any other women I am obsessed with fashion and people criticism on what you can or cannot wear. I never get the view that you must wear heels to look good and va va voom and all that jazz la kan. Especially those who keep on saying that if you are short, heels are the way to go. Balderdash! As a person who is short, I'll say ... own that shortness! What's the deal with being tall anyway ( except if weight gain is more noticeable on short people.. ok la that is a huge plus ). But pfftt.

During my first working years I could rock a heels like nobody business. I mean I had once boasted that I think I can jungle trek in heels! Gile ko riak. Naseb baik Tuhan tak tunjuk dengan patah riukkan tengkuk aku lepas aku buat statement tu. But biasa la, usia makin meningkat and we are more wiser.  Because face it, heels are not the type of shoes you would want to trek through a city or going to a leisurely beach walk. And ridiculous kut nak grocery shop kat Jusco pakai heels.

Thus sandals is one of the option. My personal favorite is a strappy sandal. I think it was huge once when I was in uni. Everyone wants to wear a gladiator sandal.  The kind of clothes that goes with sandal wanita ini?
Annie looking simple with jeans and tee. Basically this is what I would look like minus the startling beauty / figure and plus the weight and extra layer of clothes for min Muslimah compliance.
Or for the non Muslimah compliance a short pants, basic shirt and a slammin jacket. I really dig that strappy sandal. WANT ONE!
Jumpsuit is one of em.
Skirt and tee paired with the right sandal actually makes the outfit stands out more. I always love a bedazzled sandal to go along with my skirt... though my skirt is usually a long one.
And of course the right sandal with your long dress for that walk during your vacation trip feels just right. I usually packed a sandal whenever I go for a holiday because there are some place that just aint right wearing regular walking shoes. Candlelit dinner at a sidewalk cafe in Rome ke kannn...
Basically the key is if you are into casual and easy peasy and want a touch of feminity to the outfit, sandal is the way to go lah.

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